1. Strategy for Public Debt Management 2012-2015

    BG0001, 2012, Debt

  2. Starred commitment Strategy for NGO Development

    BG0002, 2012, Civic Space

  3. Starred commitment Budget Legislation Amendments

    BG0003, 2012, Fiscal Openness

  4. Publication of Information About the Tax Expenditures

    BG0004, 2012, Fiscal Openness

  5. Publication of Information About the Tax Audit Reports

    BG0005, 2012, Anti Corruption and Integrity

  6. Public Release of Budget Spending

    BG0022, 2012, Fiscal Openness

  7. Starred commitment Enhance Information System

    BG0025, 2012, Democratizing Decision-Making

  8. Government Debt Transparency

    BG0031, 2014, Debt

  9. State Fees Reform

    BG0034, 2014, Fiscal Openness

  10. Budget Payments in Open Format

    BG0037, 2014, Access to Information

  11. Introducing e-Procurement

    BG0039, 2014, Anti Corruption and Integrity

  12. Pilot “Citizen Budget” Initiative

    BG0059, 2016, Capacity Building

  13. Public Register for e-Government Projects

    BG0066, 2016, Fiscal Openness

  14. Macroeconomic Forecast Data

    BG0076, 2016, Access to Information

  15. Transparency of Pandemic-Related Spending and Recovery

    BG0084, 2022, Access to Information

  16. Publication of Information on the Open Data Portal

    BG0086, 2022, Access to Information