1. Citizens Budgets

    RO0036, 2016, Capacity Building

  2. Promoting Transparency in the Decision-Making Process By Setting Up a Transparency Register (RUTI)

    RO0039, 2016, Anti Corruption and Integrity

  3. Improve Transparency in the Management of Seized Assets

    RO0041, 2016, Access to Information

  4. Open Contracting

    RO0046, 2016, Anti Corruption and Integrity

  5. Increasing the Quality and Quantity of Published Open Data

    RO0047, 2016, Access to Information

  6. Citizen Budgets

    RO0050, 2018, Capacity Building

  7. Create centralized public database for non-reimbursable financing

    RO0070, 2020, Fiscal Openness

  8. Analyze and increase availability of data on public allocations and procurements

    RO0071, 2020, Anti Corruption and Integrity

  9. Publish information about projects financed by Romania in the Republic of Moldova

    RO0072, 2020, Aid