1. Apply Lessons from Recovery Act to Increate Spending Transparency

    US0006, 2011, Fiscal Openness

  2. Starred commitment Implement the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

    US0037, 2013, Access to Information

  3. Make Fossil Fuel Subsidies More Transparent

    US0038, 2013, Energy

  4. Starred commitment Increase Transparency in Spending

    US0039, 2013, Access to Information

  5. Increase Transparency in Spending

    US0052, 2013, Access to Information

  6. Extractive Industries Transparency

    US0083, 2015, Extractive Industries

  7. Spending Transparency

    US0084, 2015, Access to Information

  8. Open Government to Support Global Sustainable Development

    US0101, 2015, Anti Corruption and Integrity

  9. Improving Payment Integrity

    US0134, 2022, Capacity Building

  10. Transparency of Federal Funding

    US0135, 2022, Fiscal Openness