OECD – OGP Comms Guide

Communicating Open Government – A How-To Guide (OECD/OGP)

This guide is a resource for individuals tasked with explaining, encouraging, and building support for open government, understood as a culture of governance that promotes the principles of transparency, integrity, accountability and citizen participation for democracy and inclusive growth. The…

OGP Handbook Graphic

OGP Handbook – Rules and Guidance for Participants (2019)

This handbook provides clear information about the roles and responsibilities of domestic actors, the action plan cycles, IRM reporting structure and deadlines, and more.

Star Reforms 2018

Star Reforms in the Open Government Partnership (Second Edition, 2018)

This guide showcases a selection of twelve commitments from action plans that the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) awarded “star” status in its latest cycle of reports.

Advancing Thematic Priorities Webinar

OGP Fact Sheets (2018)

OGP Fact Sheets offer summary and country-level information about open government work happening in each of the selected policy areas.