Grandstand in the National Council

Parliamentary Engagement in OGP: Learning from the Evidence

This paper aims to inform the Legislative Engagement Policy review and serves as background for consultations with parliaments and partners.

OGP 2020 Action Plans (1)

What’s in the 2020 Action Plans

Discover trends, promising commitments and more from the latest round of OGP action plans.


Nurturing the Integrity of Political Communication in the Digital Era

When it comes to the health of democracy and political communication, the perceived role of social media and digital technologies has shifted from hero to villain in record time...


Seize the Moment: Reviving the U.S. OGP Process with the new Biden Administration

President Biden has directly outlined a vision of resumed U.S. global leadership through “leading not by the example of our power, but by the power of our example.” This requires significant investments in reform at home...


Innovations in Democratic Oversight of Surveillance from OGP Members

Safeguards to protect privacy, democracy, and free expression need to keep up with evolving technologies, including surveillance technologies...