GRD Cover

Grievance Redress Mechanisms in the Public Sector: A Literature Review

Discover evidence on grievance redress mechanisms from around the world, including mechanisms attached to public services and programs in the Global South, where they are relatively new and emerging fast.

Social Audits Cover

Social Audits in Service Delivery: An Annotated Bibliography

Explore research and empirical evidence from the last fifteen years on how social audits work and their main benefits.

OC Cover

State of the Evidence: Open Contracting

Explore empirical evidence on the effects of open contracting on a range of outcomes, including cost savings and efficiency, reducing corruption, improving service delivery, and increasing social inclusion.

FO Cover

(When) Do Open Budgets Transform Lives? Progress and Next Steps in Fiscal Openness Research

As the field of fiscal openness evolves and grows interest, explore the state of research on its impacts and how it shapes the debate on its future directions.

ATJ Cover

The Benefits of Access to Justice for Economies, Societies, and the Social Contract: A Literature Review

Explore the benefits of access to justice, including the impacts of improved and expanded provision of justice services—both formal and informal—on economies, societies, and the social contract.