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Open Gov Guide (2024)


The Open Gov Guide is the “how-to” resource on applying open government principles to real-world challenges. It is a one-stop shop for concrete recommendations, examples of reforms, and international standards and guidance to help reformers, whether they are working on an OGP action plan, trying to meet the Open Gov Challenge, or working outside of OGP processes.

The Open Gov Guide draws on the work of reformers and advocates around the world, who shaped the guide through their expertise and experience.

  • The full guide can be downloaded here.
  • See the web version here.



Joseph Foti and Christina Socci

Staff Reviewers

Tonu Basu, Rudi Borrmann, Paul Braithwaite, Carolina Cornejo, José Perez Escotto, Mia Katan, Renzo Falla Lopez, Adna Karamehic-Oates, Maureen Kariuki, Anastasiya Kozlovtseva, Paul Maassen, Allison Merchant, José Antonio García Morales, Marissa O’Neill, Mercedes Nasiff, Tarik Nesh-Nash, Ivygail Ong, Carina Paju, Andreas Pavlou, Paula Pérez, Sandra Pernar, Kristen Rose, Kgothatso Semela, Peter Varga, and Alan Wu

Partner Reviewers

Connected by Data, Global Data Barometer, International Center for Not-for-Profit Law, International Open Justice Network (RIJA), International Budget Partnership, Involve, Latin American Open Data Initiative (ILDA), Media Freedom Coalition, National Democratic Institute (NDI), Open Contracting Partnership, Open Ownership, ParlAmericas, Pathfinders for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies, The Carter Center, The Good Lobby, Transparency International, the University of Buenos Aires School of Law, and World Resources Institute

Partner Co-Authors

National Democratic Institute (NDI), “Public Debt”

Cover Design

Blair McQueen

Report Design and Layout

Christina Socci

Copy Editing

Amy Welde


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. For a copy of this license, visit Published September 2023.


For more information about this publication, please email

This edition of the Open Gov Guide is supported by the European Union, United States Agency for International Development, the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (United Kingdom), Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, and International Development Research Centre. The OGP Support Unit would also like to thank our core funders for their support of OGP’s work.


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josh wilson Reply

This platform seems incredible And at a time when I was feeling the federal government was letting us down… Cheers to all involved.

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