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Open Data

OGP provides the OGP community – civil society, academics, governments, journalists – easy access to the wealth of data that OGP has collected. Explorer, Commitments, and Flagship Reporting databases are all available both visualized and as raw data.We encourage users to use the data in their own investigations, and analysis or reporting.

The Global Report database combines OGP databases with external data produced by organizations working on open government. It includes:

  • Summary statistics at the national level
  • OGP performance in key policy areas 
  • OGP process 
  • OGP commitments

To access the data, click here.

The OGP Explorer provides easy access to the wealth of OGP data on commitments are implemented and how transformative are the results.   

The OGP Explorer can be viewed in three ways:

The data in the OGP Explorer was last updated March 2019.

The IRM releases all of its data in open data format, found in the following databases:

  • Commitments: Includes all commitments or actions that have been analyzed by the IRM.
  • Process: Includes information on how well each of the OGP members adhered to the OGP co-creation processes and rules.

This Data Guide explains variables, provenance, and potential uses.

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