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Open Data

OGP provides the OGP community – civil society, academics, governments, journalists – easy access to the wealth of data that OGP has collected. Databases are available in multiple formats under a Creative Commons (CC BY 4.0) license. We encourage users to use the data in their own investigations, analysis, or reporting. If you have any questions about the data or how to use it, please contact

Includes data on the content and performance for all OGP commitments since 2011. This information is derived from OGP action plans and reporting from the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM). The data is updated daily. See here for more information about the IRM methods and indicators.

Commitment Database: Google Sheet | xls (Excel) | csv


Includes data on how well OGP members adhere to the OGP co-creation processes and rules. This includes data on levels of public influence in the development of action plans, the existence of regular multi-stakeholder forums, and online repositories for OGP. This information is derived directly from IRM reports. The data is updated daily. See here for more information about the IRM methods and indicators.

Process Database: Google Sheet | xls (Excel) | csv


Includes data on how OGP members perform in 14 areas of open government, such as anti-corruption, civic space, and fiscal openness. The data covers more than 50 indicators from 10 data-producing organizations. The database also includes action implications for each OGP member. The data is updated annually and feeds into the OGP Global Report.

Open Government Database: Google Sheet  | xls (Excel) | csv


Includes definitions for the indicators in the Commitments, Process, and Open Government databases. These definitions are also included in the databases themselves. The definitions are reviewed and updated annually to reflect any new or changed variables.

Data Guide: Google Sheet | xls (Excel)


In order to participate in OGP, governments must exhibit a demonstrated commitment to open government by meeting a set of (minimum) performance criteria across key dimensions that are particularly consequential for increasing government responsiveness, strengthening citizen engagement and combating corruption and an adherence to the democratic governance norms and values set in the Open Government Declaration. The Support Unit updates eligibility scores in the first half of each year, using the most up-to-date information from each data source available at the time of the review.

Eligibility Scores >>


OGP Member Pages

Member pages contain country-specific information about open government beyond OGP. These pages include indicators from other data-producing organizations on performance in 14 dimensions of OG (themes), a classification of how the country is performing and suggestions for next steps, and links to source data and justifications.

OGP Data Dashboard (Beta)

The OGP Data Dashboard is a one-stop-shop for accessing data on OGP commitments. Explore commitments by policy area, location, and year. Discover trends and inspiring reforms. Learn which commitments produced strong early results. Search for commitments by keyword. Download subsets of data.


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