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Policy Areas

The right to information, gender and inclusion, digital governance and rights, protection of civic space and natural resources, and corruption are some of the issues addressed by OGP participants.


Inclusion is fundamental to achieving more equitable, representative, and...

Anti Corruption and Integrity

Corruption harms everyone by taking tax dollars from needed public services...

Image for Digital Governance

Digital Governance

The expansion of the evolving role of digital tools and social media...

Image for Civic Space Sergel Square, Stockholm Sweden.” Photo by Pavel L Photo and Video /

Civic Space

Ensuring the right to freedom of expression, association, and peaceful...

Image for Justice


OGP works to expand responsiveness, accountability and inclusion in all...

Image for Open Parliaments

Open Parliaments

An open parliament is an essential part of an open government...

Image for Environment and Climate Credit: Li-An Lim via Unsplash

Environment and Climate

The global climate requires new policies and innovations to ensure resiliency...

Image for Health


Open data and public policy decisions can improve health outcomes.

Open Government Partnership