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Right to Information

Access to information means access to justice. Citizens armed with information can claim what is rightfully theirs. For this reason, OGP members are required to have laws guaranteeing the right to information. 

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The legal right to request information (RTI) can lead to more open, accountable, and participatory government. OGP members are required to have laws enabling fair access to information. Through OGP, the effectiveness of these laws can be improved by removing additional barriers to information and creating platforms to report on fraud or corruption. 

OGP members are also expanding the frontiers of RTI by empowering citizens to use information to participate and shape policies, services and budgets. This has been particularly effective at the local level where governments are closest to their citizens.  

A country’s commitment to pro-actively provide high-value information is at the heart of open government.

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An Extraordinary Gathering to Build Back Better

We witnessed an extraordinary gathering on September 24, 2020.  In the midst of the pandemic, amidst global protests against inequality and systemic racism, amidst an unprecedented rise in authoritarian leaders attacking democracy and civic freedoms, a coalition of world leaders ...

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Open Response + Open Recovery: Conversations with Europe’s Open Gov Community

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  • Implement RTI laws and train officials on records management and information provisioning. Sri Lanka created a robust right to information infrastructure that included mass trainings for public servants.
  • Publish and share government information disaggregated across agency and level of government proactively. Liberia publishes information on land ownership and has passed a formal Lands Rights Act. 
  • Create more opportunities for citizens to use information, monitor systems and provide feedback. Croatia successfully amended its Act on the Right of Access to Information to include a legal obligation to consult with the public about new legislation and enforce a directive on the re-use of public sector information.

OGP Global Report Data

The data below is drawn from the 2019 OGP Global Report. You can view and learn more about the report here.

These are members making OGP commitments to improve their performance in the respective policy area. As members that have demonstrated political commitment through OGP, the next step is ensuring that implemented commitments have maximal impact.

Indicates that member has a starred commitment in this policy area.


  1. A Guide to Open Government and the Coronavirus: Right to Information

    The right to information is a fundamental right and an inherent part of the right to freedom of opinion and…

    2020, Guidance Document, Web Page

  2. Right to Information Fact Sheet

    Snapshot of global progress and member-level examples of right to information work in OGP

    2019, Document, PDF

  3. Access to Information: A New Promise for Sustainable Development

    This resource is part of UNESCO's In Focus Series: World Trends in Freedom of Expression and Media Development.

    2019, Outbound Link, Web Page

  4. Open Response + Open Recovery: Open Service Delivery in Health – Communities and Governments Working Together

    OGP, the Open Data Charter, and Access Info address challenges that governments have faced when trying to promote transparency during…

    2020, , Web Page


  1. Starred commitment The Enactment and Implementation of the RTI Act

    LK0022, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  2. Starred commitment Energy Sector Watch: Transparent, Accessible and Participatory

    CL0032, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  3. Starred commitment Strengthening Environmental Democracy

    CL0033, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  4. Starred commitment Strengthen the Legislative Framework Governing Access to Information

    JO0048, 2016, Right to Information

  5. Starred commitment Enhance Right to Information

    KE0017, 2016, Right to Information

  6. Starred commitment AIP Law and Principles of Open Government

    PY0025, 2016, Marginalized Communities

  7. Starred commitment Right of Access to Public Information

    UY0083, 2016, Civic Space

  8. Starred commitment Ammendments to FOIA

    US0066, 2015, Open Data

  9. Starred commitment Access to Information for People with Disabilities

    CO0033, 2015, Marginalized Communities

  10. Starred commitment Right to Access Information Law

    SL0010, 2014, Right to Information

  11. Starred commitment To Enact a Freedom of Information Act by December 2014.

    TZ0026, 2014, Right to Information

  12. Starred commitment Strengthening Environmental Democracy

    CL0031, 2014, Anti-Corruption

  13. Starred commitment Law on Access to Public Information

    PY0016, 2014, Justice

  14. Starred commitment Draft Law on Open Data

    UA0038, 2014, Open Data

  15. Starred commitment Supervisory Mechanism for the Right to Information

    UA0039, 2014, Right to Information

  16. Starred commitment Improvements to Access to Public Information Act

    BG0035, 2014, Open Data

  17. Starred commitment Public Administration Website Harmonization and Amendments to the Law on Free Access to Information of Public Importance

    RS0009, 2014, Public Participation

  18. Starred commitment Publish Information on Public Finances

    HN0009, 2012, Fiscal Openness

  19. Starred commitment Improving the Legislative Framework for Exercising the Right of Access to Information: Amend the Act on the Right of Access to Information

    HR0005, 2012, Public Participation

  20. Starred commitment Bill on Access to Public Information

    CO0009, 2012, Public Participation

  21. Starred commitment Draft the Law on Public Sector Information Reuse

    MD0011, 2012, Right to Information

  22. Starred commitment Law on Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good Governance

    ES0001, 2012, Public Participation

  23. Starred commitment Opening and Response Information Offices

    SV0001, 2012, Right to Information

  24. Starred commitment Opening Office Departmental Information and Response

    SV0002, 2012, Right to Information

  25. Implement Access to Information Act

    KE0029, 2020, Fiscal Openness

  26. Publication of Data and Information

    AZ0056, 2020, Open Data

  27. Amend existing right to information legislation

    RS0050, 2020, Right to Information

  28. Reform laws related to transparency and access to information

    ES0044, 2020, Public Participation

  29. Develop and monitor ICSS platform for citizen feedback and information requests

    ES0099, 2020, Public Participation

  30. Streamline processing of right to information requests

    ES0124, 2020, Right to Information

  31. Draft and approve law on transparency

    ES0130, 2020, Public Participation

  32. Draft and approve regulations regarding transparency and right to information

    ES0131, 2020, Public Participation

  33. Draft and approve law on transparency and right to information

    ES0138, 2020, Open Data

  34. Make FOIA information available through open data platform

    NL0042, 2020, Open Data

  35. Determine balance between government confidentiality and citizens' right to information

    NL0045, 2020, Public Participation

  36. Expand uses for e-democracy platform

    UA0093, 2020, Public Participation

  37. Gender Inclusion in Access to Information

    CO0094, 2020, Gender

  38. Ensure access to legal aid information

    ID0120, 2020, Justice

  39. e-Access and Expansion

    NO0056, 2019, Right to Information

  40. Increase Use of RTI

    LK0026, 2019, Marginalized Communities

  41. Improve Implementation of Right to Access to Information

    SL0026, 2019, Gender

  42. Records and Archives Management

    SL0029, 2019, Records Management

  43. Transparency

    IT0058, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  44. Open Data Portal

    PH0059, 2019, Anti-Corruption

  45. Passage of Freedom of Information Law

    PH0062, 2019, Gender

  46. Implementation of the Access to Information Act

    SYC0002, 2019, Marginalized Communities

  47. Active Transparency Initiative

    AR0089, 2019, Public Participation

  48. Improve Compliance with Freedom of Information Act with Focus on Records Management

    NG0023, 2019, Records Management

  49. Improved Compliance with Mandatory Publication Provisions Requirement (FOIA)

    NG0024, 2019, Justice

  50. Transparent and Open Administration

    LU0001, 2019, Right to Information

  51. Capacity-Building Around Access to Information

    EC0006, 2019, Public Participation

  52. Legislation Materials Portal

    SK0135, 2019, Right to Information

  53. Gender-Based Violence Open Data

    UY0103, 2018, Gender

  54. Access to Information Law

    UY0108, 2018, Public Participation

  55. Gender Perspective to Access to Information

    UY0109, 2018, Gender

  56. Open Municipalities