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Right to Information

The legal right to request information from the government can lead to more open, accountable, and participatory government. OGP members are required to have laws enabling the fair access to information. Through OGP, the effectiveness of these laws can be improved by removing additional barriers to information and creating platforms to report on fraud or corruption.


  1. E-access and expansion

    NO0056, 2019, Civic Space

  2. Increase use of RTI

    LK0026, 2019, E-Government

  3. Transparency

    IT0058, 2019, E-Government

  4. gender-based violence open data

    UY0103, 2018, E-Government

  5. Access to Information Law

    UY0108, 2018, Legislation & Regulation

  6. Gender perspective to access to information

    UY0109, 2018, Capacity Building

  7. Open municipalities

    UY0114, 2018, Capacity Building

  8. Awareness-raising about Access to Information Rights

    MK0121, 2018, Capacity Building

  9. regional open data initiatives

    MK0131, 2018, Open Data

  10. Better Access to Information

    MK0140, 2018, E-Government

  11. Accountability portals

    HN0060, 2018, Capacity Building

  12. Access to municipal information

    HN0061, 2018, Capacity Building

  13. Implementing Right to Information

    HR0026, 2018, Capacity Building

  14. Access to Information

    CA0070, 2018, Capacity Building

  15. ATI Awareness Raising

    MO0001, 2018, Capacity Building

  16. Training Information Officers

    MO0002, 2018, Capacity Building

  17. Open data

    MO0004, 2018, Capacity Building

  18. Access to administrative and environmental information

    PT0007, 2018, E-Government

  19. right to information

    TN0036, 2018, Capacity Building

  20. Open government standard and dashboard

    NL0036, 2018, E-Government

  21. National Electronic System/ATI implementation

    BR0110, 2018, E-Government

  22. Legislation on Access to Information

    PNG0001, 2018, Legislation & Regulation

  23. Access to information law

    JO0063, 2018, Capacity Building

  24. Inter-Agency Information Sharing

    PNG0002, 2018, Capacity Building

  25. Official Information

    NZ0018, 2018, Legislation & Regulation

  26. Implement right to information

    KAD0004, 2018, Legislation & Regulation

  27. Access to Information

    COT0001, 2018, Capacity Building

  28. Access to state and municipal authorities

    KG0011, 2018, Legislation & Regulation

  29. Access to Information

    AU0020, 2018, OGP


    GT0098, 2018, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  31. Strengthen the Information Mechanism in 60 governmental agencies

    AF0011, 2017, Capacity Building

  32. Transparency criteria

    IL0029, 2017, Public Participation

  33. Publication of information legislative amendments

    IL0030, 2017, Legislation & Regulation

  34. Freedom of Information (FoI) Act

    LR0029, 2017, Capacity Building

  35. Improving Local Budget Transparency

    BOJ0003, 2017, E-Government

  36. Enhanced Open Procurement Contract Data

    BOJ0004, 2017, Fiscal Transparency

  37. Right to Information

    GH0025, 2017, Legislation & Regulation

  38. Access to Information Legislation

    PH0049, 2017, Capacity Building

  39. Access to information on incorporated public services

    FI0025, 2017, Fiscal Transparency

  40. Access to information knowledge in the public administration

    FI0026, 2017, Capacity Building

  41. Ampliación de ecosistema de acceso a la información en los Municipios

    AR0074, 2017, Capacity Building

  42. FOIA Compliance for Annual Reporting

    NG0010, 2017, Capacity Building

  43. FOIA Compliance for Disclosure

    NG0011, 2017, E-Government

  44. Virtual window of public administration

    BF0009, 2017, Capacity Building

  45. Right of access to public information and to administrative documents

    BF0010, 2017, Legislation & Regulation

  46. Transparency Portal and the Right of Access

    ES0032, 2017, Capacity Building

  47. Regulations for the Transparency Law

    ES0036, 2017, E-Government

  48. Improvement and facilitation of the access to information

    MK0094, 2016, Capacity Building

  49. Ensuring the acquisition of information

    AZ0039, 2016, Capacity Building

  50. Install a virtual single window for public service request and receipt in order to facilitate access to public information

    CI0008, 2016, E-Government

  51. Promote Access to Public information Act

    CI0011, 2016, Legislation & Regulation

  52. Starred commitment The enactment and implementation of the RTI Act

    LK0022, 2016, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  53. Proactive Disclosure

    LK0023, 2016, Legislation & Regulation

  54. Enhance Access to Information

    CA0042, 2016, Legislation & Regulation

  55. Natural resource transparency

    UK0064, 2016, Extractive Industries


    SV0079, 2016, Capacity Building

  57. Aplicación Ley de Transparencia y Acceso a la Información Pública

    HN0048, 2016, Public Participation

  58. Transparencia en el Servicio Civil

    HN0049, 2016, Open Contracting and Procurement

  59. Transparencia en las Municipalidades

    HN0050, 2016, Fiscal Transparency

  60. Seguimiento al gasto público.

    HN0051, 2016, Fiscal Transparency

  61. Revising Freedom of Information Act Code of Practice

    UK0070, 2016, Open Contracting and Procurement

  62. Compras abiertas.

    HN0052, 2016, E-Government

  63. Información por Centro Educativo.

    HN0053, 2016, E-Government

  64. Monitoreo sector salud

    HN0054, 2016, E-Government

  65. FOIA: implementation and monitoring

    IT0029, 2016, Capacity Building

  66. Better use of data assets

    UK0073, 2016, Capacity Building

  67. Monitoreo servicios de agua y saneamiento

    HN0055, 2016, Environment and Climate

  68. Improvement of database/portal with coordinators’ data of the right to information and transparency programs

    AL0044, 2016, E-Government

  69. Freedom of Information

    MW0001, 2016, Human Rights

  70. National Integrity System

    MW0003, 2016, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  71. Starred commitment Sector Energético Ciudadano: transparente, accesible y participativo

    CL0032, 2016, E-Government

  72. Starred commitment Fortalecimiento de la democracia ambiental

    CL0033, 2016, Environment and Climate

  73. Sitio web de transparencia Codelco

    CL0035, 2016, E-Government

  74. National Open Data Agenda

    NL0019, 2016, Capacity Building

  75. Modernizing the regulatory framework to enforce the Right to Access to Information

    TN0022, 2016, Capacity Building

  76. Releasing ministerial research reports

    NL0022, 2016, Health

  77. Detailed open spending data

    NL0023, 2016, Fiscal Transparency

  78. Open local authority decision-making

    NL0024, 2016, Open Data

  79. Access to Information Policy in the Federal Government – Promptness and Effectiveness to Information Requests

    BR0086, 2016, Capacity Building

  80. Easier freedom of information requests

    NL0026, 2016, Capacity Building

  81. Access to Information Policy in the Federal Government – Requesters’ Personal Information Safeguard

    BR0087, 2016, Legislation & Regulation

  82. Open Government Expertise Centre (LEOO)

    NL0027, 2016, Capacity Building

  83. Open Data and Information Governance in Health

    BR0090, 2016, E-Government

  84. Strengthen the legislative framework governing access to information

    JO0048, 2016, Legislation & Regulation

  85. Improving official information practices

    NZ0006, 2016, Capacity Building

  86. Improving the legal framework and practices regarding access to public interest information

    RO0030, 2016, Capacity Building

  87. Starred commitment Enhance right to information

    KE0017, 2016, Capacity Building

  88. Starred commitment Ley de AIP y principios de Gobierno Abierto

    PY0025, 2016, Capacity Building

  89. Principios de Gobierno Abierto

    PY0026, 2016, E-Government

  90. Organization Information Disclosure Online

    KR0022, 2016, E-Government

  91. Information in Original Form

    KR0023, 2016, Capacity Building

  92. Transparencia municipal

    DO0037, 2016, E-Government

  93. Enhancing the scope of available public information and extensive electronization of the information provision processes

    BG0051, 2016, E-Government

  94. Publicación procesos adquisiciones Públicas Municipales

    DO0038, 2016, Capacity Building

  95. RTI act implementation trainings for administrative officials

    BG0052, 2016, Capacity Building

  96. Seguimiento a los compromisos presidenciales

    DO0039, 2016, E-Government

  97. Maintaining public electronic registers on gambling

    BG0053, 2016, Capacity Building

  98. Presupuesto Ciudadano

    DO0040, 2016, Capacity Building

  99. Publish the annual priorities of the National Revenue Agency

    BG0054, 2016, E-Government

  100. Evaluación y monitoreo a los sub-portales de Transparencia

    DO0041, 2016, E-Government


    GT0063, 2016, Capacity Building

  102. Analysis/research publication for information exchange

    BG0055, 2016, E-Government

  103. Escuela virtual de Transparencia

    DO0042, 2016, Capacity Building


    GT0064, 2016, Capacity Building

  105. Register of regulatory and supervisory agencies whose officials are appointed by parliament

    BG0056, 2016, E-Government

  106. Cultura de Transparencia

    DO0043, 2016, Capacity Building


    GT0065, 2016, Capacity Building

  108. National Institute for Immovable Cultural Heritage information system and e-services

    BG0057, 2016, E-Government


    GT0066, 2016, Capacity Building

  110. Information Management and Access Laws

    AU0008, 2016, Capacity Building

  111. Freedom of Information

    AU0009, 2016, Capacity Building


    GT0071, 2016, E-Government

  113. GIS applications for the register of protected areas in Bulgaria

    BG0075, 2016, E-Government

  114. Introduce Modern Document Management Procedures

    IE0043, 2016, Legislation & Regulation

  115. Amendments to the Law on Free Access to Information of Public Importance

    RS0020, 2016, Legislation & Regulation

  116. Development of the Freedom of Information Law

    GE0048, 2016, Legislation & Regulation

  117. Starred commitment Derecho de acceso a la información pública

    UY0083, 2016, Capacity Building

  118. Contracting between the government and private sector

    IL0016, 2015, Open Contracting and Procurement

  119. Modificación de la Ley de Transparencia y Acceso a la Información Pública

    PE0049, 2015, Capacity Building

  120. Capacitación en Transparencia y Acceso a la Información Pública

    PE0051, 2015, Capacity Building

  121. RTI

    GH0015, 2015, Right to Information

  122. Public access to information

    MT0011, 2015, E-Government

  123. Social dialogue

    MT0012, 2015, Capacity Building

  124. FOI training in public administration organizations

    HU0009, 2015, Capacity Building

  125. Law on ATI

    PH0029, 2015, Right to Information

  126. Universidad Abierta

    AR0024, 2015, Capacity Building

  127. Plataforma piloto de nformación pública

    AR0029, 2015, Capacity Building

  128. Starred commitment Ammendments to FOIA

    US0066, 2015, Open Data

  129. Infórmate Panamá

    PA0023, 2015, Capacity Building

  130. Starred commitment Acceso a información para personas con discapacidades

    CO0033, 2015, Capacity Building


    CO0038, 2015, Capacity Building

  132. Sistema de información ambiental

    CO0039, 2015, E-Government

  133. Mejor gestión territorial

    CO0047, 2015, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  134. Mapa Social

    CO0048, 2015, E-Government

  135. Política de apertura de datos

    CR0024, 2015, Capacity Building

  136. Decreto de Transparencia y Acceso a la Información Pública

    CR0025, 2015, Capacity Building

  137. Proyecto de Ley de Acceso a la Información Pública

    CR0026, 2015, Legislation & Regulation

  138. Directorio informativo del perfil de las instituciones públicas

    CR0027, 2015, E-Government

  139. Modelo de gestión de documentos y administración de archivos

    CR0028, 2015, E-Government

  140. Aplicación de la Ley 8220 del exceso de trámites

    CR0029, 2015, Legislation & Regulation

  141. Selección transparente de funcionarios públicos

    CR0035, 2015, E-Government

  142. Procesos transparentes de gestión de proyectos de infraestructura

    CR0036, 2015, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  143. Popularize Freedom of Information (FoI) Law

    LR0008, 2015, Capacity Building

  144. Review of the Governmental Freedom of Information Unit's authority

    IL0014, 2015, Capacity Building

  145. Web for FOI

    IL0015, 2015, Right to Information

  146. Starred commitment Right to Access Information Law

    SL0010, 2014, Capacity Building

  147. Fortalecer los temas de ética y transparencia en los programas de estudio para básica y bachillerato

    SV0066, 2014, Capacity Building

  148. Información pública de calidad para todos y todas

    HN0033, 2014, Right to Information

  149. Open Information Core Commitment

    CA0040, 2014, Right to Information

  150. TransPArenti+1

    IT0019, 2014, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  151. Fortaleciendo la participación ciudadana en el sistema de Seguridad Pública

    HN0046, 2014, Human Rights

  152. Right to Access Information Legislative Framework

    HR0010, 2014, Legislation & Regulation

  153. Improving the Implementation of the Right of Access to Information Act

    HR0011, 2014, Capacity Building

  154. Starred commitment To enact a Freedom of Information Act by December 2014.

    TZ0026, 2014, Legislation & Regulation

  155. Streamline the free access to information system

    CZ0012, 2014, Legislation & Regulation

  156. Starred commitment Fortalecimiento de la democracia ambiental

    CL0031, 2014, Environment and Climate

  157. Review of the legal framework of personal data protection and ensuring conformity with article 24 of Tunisian constitution

    TN0004, 2014, Human Rights

  158. Starred commitment Ley de Accesso a la Información Pública

    PY0016, 2014, Judiciary

  159. Transparencia y Acceso a la Información de Proyectos Públicos Emblemáticos

    PY0019, 2014, E-Government

  160. Implementación de la Escuela de Transparencia.

    GT0033, 2014, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  161. Knowledge and capacity building of public servants in the freedom of information and anticorruption field

    AM0025, 2014, Capacity Building

  162. Mejorar los Niveles de Transparencia y Acceso a la Información

    GT0037, 2014, Right to Information

  163. Establishing Rules on Processing Official Information

    UA0035, 2014, E-Government

  164. Enhancing Information Disclosure

    KR0019, 2014, Public Participation

  165. Starred commitment Draft law on open data

    UA0038, 2014, Legislation & Regulation

  166. Starred commitment Supervisory mechanism for the right to information

    UA0039, 2014, Legislation & Regulation

  167. Starred commitment Improvements to access to public information act

    BG0035, 2014, Legislation & Regulation

  168. Portal Único de Solicitudes de Acceso a la Información Pública

    DO0026, 2014, E-Government

  169. Administrative services portal

    UA0047, 2014, E-Government

  170. Promoción y difusión del Derecho de Acceso a la Información Pública

    UY0027, 2014, Capacity Building

  171. e-acceso: Sistema Nacional de Solicitudes de Acceso a la Información Pública

    UY0028, 2014, E-Government

  172. Gobierno electrónico y mejoras en la calidad de los servicios públicos

    GT0055, 2014, E-Government

  173. Respuestas a pedidos de acceso a la información pública

    UY0029, 2014, Right to Information

  174. Legislación complementaria para garantizar el derecho de acceso a la información pública

    GT0059, 2014, Legislation & Regulation

  175. Strengthening Freedom of Information - Implement the Code of Practice for Freedom of Information (FOI).

    IE0012, 2014, Legislation & Regulation

  176. Reform of FOI

    IE0013, 2014, Capacity Building

  177. Develop and deliver access to environmental information (AIE) training module for public officials

    IE0017, 2014, Capacity Building

  178. Nuevo Portal Web para el Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas

    UY0049, 2014, Capacity Building

  179. Freedom of information act (FoIA) draft

    GE0020, 2014, Legislation & Regulation

  180. Raising public awareness about the right to free access to public information through the created and conducted media presentations and educational campaign

    MK0053, 2014, Capacity Building

  181. Transparency Portal

    ES0014, 2014, E-Government

  182. Starred commitment Public Administration Website Harmonization and Amendments to the Law on Free Access to Information of Public Importance

    RS0009, 2014, E-Government

  183. Monitor and ensure implementation of Information Transparency and Information Access Right Act by establishing National Information Transparency Committee and creating structure of Information commissary.

    MN0001, 2014, Legislation & Regulation

  184. Archives and Records Management Act

    SL0002, 2014, E-Government

  185. Lineamientos para reserva de información pública

    SV0039, 2013, Capacity Building

  186. Mejora de la calidad de portales web instituciones

    SV0040, 2013, E-Government

  187. Ley de Acceso a la Información publica para personas ciegas

    SV0048, 2013, Capacity Building

  188. Acceso a la información de empresas privadas que administran fondos públicos

    SV0049, 2013, Private Sector

  189. Catálogo de proyectos prioritarios de infraestructura

    SV0054, 2013, Infrastructure & Transport

  190. Right to Information

    GH0003, 2013, Capacity Building

  191. Registering and preserving digital documentation produced by public bodies

    NO0021, 2013, E-Government

  192. Support for the passage of legislations on access to information and protection of whistleblowers

    PH0021, 2013, Legislation & Regulation

  193. Development of the “Access to Information Library”

    BR0047, 2013, Capacity Building

  194. Dissemination of information on anti-corruption and integrity

    HU0005, 2013, Capacity Building

  195. Strengthening the transparency of public authorities and administration

    NO0025, 2013, Capacity Building

  196. Proyecto de Ley para la reforma del Poder Judicial

    AR0013, 2013, Justice

  197. Development of monitoring reports on the Electronic Citizen Information System (e-SIC)

    BR0061, 2013, E-Government

  198. Electronic Public Records (OEP) – (Offentlig elektronisk postjournal)

    NO0039, 2013, E-Government

  199. Fomentar los mecanismos de participación previstos en el Decreto 1172/04

    AR0017, 2013, Capacity Building

  200. Modernize the Freedom of Information Act

    US0029, 2013, Capacity Building

  201. Informal approach to freedom of information requests

    NL0008, 2013, Right to Information

  202. “Brazil Transparent” Program

    BR0071, 2013, Capacity Building

  203. Transparency and Accountability in Natural Resources Management Activity

    ID0020, 2013, E-Government

  204. Appointments of Information and Documentation Management Officials (PPID) in National Agencies and Enactments of their Standard Operating Procedure

    ID0022, 2013, Public Service Delivery

  205. Rethink information management and active access: four ‘open by design’ pilot projects

    NL0018, 2013, E-Government

  206. Encouraging the Acceleration of the Operational Formation for Information Services in Local Government through the Formation of Local Government's PPID and its Tools

    ID0024, 2013, Public Service Delivery

  207. Presentar a la Asamblea Legislativa un proyecto de Ley de Acceso a la Información Pública

    CR0014, 2013, Legislation & Regulation

  208. Campañas sobre acceso a la información pública

    SV0027, 2013, Capacity Building

  209. Increase Access to Public Information

    LR0001, 2013, Capacity Building

  210. Capacitación a funcionarios de alto nivel

    SV0029, 2013, Capacity Building

  211. Seguimiento de herramientas

    SV0030, 2013, E-Government

  212. Starred commitment Publish Information on Public Finances

    HN0009, 2012, Fiscal Transparency

  213. Marco seguridad de información

    PE0048, 2012, Capacity Building

  214. Free access to information

    ME0025, 2012, Legislation & Regulation

  215. Starred commitment Improving the Legislative Framework for Exercising the Right of Access to Information: Amend the Act on the Right of Access to Information

    HR0005, 2012, Legislation & Regulation

  216. Disclosure of the list of payments made daily by the government units

    AL0028, 2012, Fiscal Transparency

  217. Best practices for Freedom of Information laws

    TZ0024, 2012, Right to Information

  218. Perfeccionamiento de la Ley sobre Acceso a la Información Pública

    CL0005, 2012, Legislation & Regulation

  219. Promoción de la ley modelo de la Organización de Estados Americanos

    CL0007, 2012, Legislation & Regulation

  220. Portal de Transparencia

    CL0010, 2012, E-Government

  221. Amendments of the Free Access to Information Act

    CZ0002, 2012, Legislation & Regulation

  222. Adopting amendments to the Access to Information Law

    JO0022, 2012, Legislation & Regulation

  223. Starred commitment Proyecto de ley de Acceso a la información pública

    CO0009, 2012, Legislation & Regulation

  224. Harmonisation of access to information laws

    UA0005, 2012, E-Government

  225. By-laws on access to information

    UA0006, 2012, Legislation & Regulation

  226. Standardization of Offical Websites Content

    AM0014, 2012, E-Government

  227. Improvement of Knowledge and Skills of Public Servants on Access to Information

    AM0015, 2012, Capacity Building

  228. Starred commitment Draft the Law on public sector information reuse

    MD0011, 2012, Right to Information

  229. Fortalecer la cultura de transparencia

    UY0002, 2012, Capacity Building

  230. Access to information act improvement

    BG0026, 2012, Legislation & Regulation

  231. Órgano Rector de acceso a la información pública y de datos personales

    DO0014, 2012, Legislation & Regulation

  232. Introduction of one-off request for the information from the citizens.

    MK0016, 2012, Legislation & Regulation

  233. Use of harm test. and 2. Publication of information gathered through the Free Access Law

    MK0017, 2012, Right to Information

  234. Publication of easy to search public information.

    MK0018, 2012, Right to Information

  235. Sensibilización transparencia y libre acceso a la información pública

    DO0021, 2012, Capacity Building

  236. Electronic submission of requests for access to public character information.

    MK0020, 2012, E-Government

  237. Guías estandarizadas de acceso a la información

    DO0023, 2012, Right to Information

  238. Training of access to information officers.

    MK0021, 2012, E-Government

  239. Free access to information training local self-government officials

    MK0031, 2012, Capacity Building

  240. Starred commitment Ley de Transparencia, Acceso a la Información Pública y Buen Gobierno

    ES0001, 2012, E-Government

  241. Starred commitment Apertura de Oficinas de Información y Respuesta

    SV0001, 2012, Capacity Building

  242. Starred commitment Apertura de Oficinas de Información y Repuesta Departamental

    SV0002, 2012, Capacity Building

  243. Programa de Educación a Distancia

    SV0006, 2012, Capacity Building

  244. Institutional Framework

    AZ0001, 2012, Capacity Building

  245. Mejorar marco normativo

    PE0001, 2012, Capacity Building

  246. Training for Civil Servants

    AZ0002, 2012, Capacity Building

  247. Seguimiento al cumplimiento de la ley de transparencia

    PE0002, 2012, Capacity Building

  248. Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights

    AZ0003, 2012, Human Rights

  249. Gestión documentaria

    PE0004, 2012, Records Management

  250. Perfiles funcionarios acceso a la información

    PE0005, 2012, Right to Information

  251. Instrumentos de seguimiento

    PE0007, 2012, Right to Information

  252. Institución autónoma

    PE0008, 2012, Right to Information

  253. Capacitación en transparencia

    PE0009, 2012, Capacity Building

  254. Acceso materia medioambiental

    PE0010, 2012, Environment and Climate

  255. Establishing a Freedom of Information Unit in the Ministry of Justice

    IL0007, 2012, Judiciary

  256. Modernising Administration of Access to Information: Pilot of online request and payment service

    CA0005, 2012, Fiscal Transparency

  257. Modernising Administration of Access to Information: Implement ATI Solution

    CA0006, 2012, Fiscal Transparency

  258. Modernising Administration of Access to Information: Make completed ATI request summaries searchable

    CA0007, 2012, Right to Information

  259. Increase Access to Information through Compliance with the LTAIP: Improve Oversight Mechanisms

    HN0002, 2012, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  260. Increase Access to Information through Compliance with the LTAIP: Apply Sanctions in Accordance with the LTAIP

    HN0003, 2012, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  261. Increase Access to Information through Compliance with the LTAIP: Improve the National Anti-Corruption Council's (CAN) role to oversee compliance with the LTAIP

    HN0004, 2012, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  262. Capacity building programs

    BR0001, 2011, Capacity Building

  263. Distance education program

    BR0002, 2011, Capacity Building

  264. Guide for public officials on access to information

    BR0003, 2011, Capacity Building

  265. Information services model

    BR0004, 2011, E-Government

  266. Diagnostic study on the transparency values of executive branch

    BR0005, 2011, Right to Information

  267. Diagnostic study on role of Federal Ombudsman Units (FOUs)

    BR0006, 2011, Justice

  268. Research study to identify the demands of society in regard to access to information

    BR0007, 2011, Right to Information

  269. Access to Information Initiative

    PH0002, 2011, Right to Information

  270. Professionalize the FOIA Administration

    US0015, 2011, Right to Information

  271. Harness the Power of Technology

    US0016, 2011, Right to Information

  272. Access to Information: Synergies

    MX0028, 2011, Right to Information

  273. Website for Sanctions for Noncompliance

    MX0033, 2011, E-Government

  274. New, higher cost cap for FOI

    UK0002, 2011, Right to Information

  275. Maximum time limits

    UK0004, 2011, Right to Information

OGP Global Report Data

The data below is drawn from the 2019 OGP Global Report. You can view and learn more about the report here.

These are members making OGP commitments to improve their performance in the respective policy area. As members that have demonstrated political commitment through OGP, the next step is ensuring that implemented commitments have maximal impact.

Indicates that member has a starred commitment in this policy area.