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OGP campaigns, special projects and major reports raise awareness, build communities of advocates, and recommend action steps for members.

Credit: Open Government Partnership


Everyone has a story. Together we have a mission.

OpenStories is a place where the community can share stories of progress and inspiration as we work together to change the way government serves its citizens.

Open Response + Recovery + Renewal

Last year, OGP launched Open Response + Open Recovery, a campaign to ensure the fundamental values of open government were embedded in actions to end the spread of COVID-19. In 2021, OGP is adding another R to our campaign: Open Renewal.  Open Renewal is about renewing the spirit, optimism and ambition that launched OGP 10 years ago. It’s about renewing the trust between government and the citizens it serves. It’s about thinking anew on how prevalent and persistent challenges can be solved.

Open Gov Week

A global call to action to transform the way governments serve their citizens

From May 17 to 21, 2021, open government doers, leaders, and thinkers from around the world will come together to share ideas, discuss solutions, and commit to new levels of citizen participation in government to respond to and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year’s Open Gov Week theme will focus on how we build again governments, institutions and societies that are transparent, accountable, participatory, and inclusive.

Break the Roles

In 2019, OGP launched Break the Roles, a campaign asking all of us to strengthen the gender perspectives in our commitments and increase women’s voices across open government.

Our goal was for at least 30 percent of members taking meaningful action on gender and inclusion by the end of the year.  Prior to the campaign, of the nearly 4,000 open government reforms, covering everything from extractives to anti-corruption, less than two percent dealt with gender.

Thanks to our members and partners not only met this goal but gender and inclusion were also the most popular issues areas addressed in incoming 2020 action plans.

OGP Global Report: Democracy Beyond the Ballot Box

The OGP Global Report synthesizes OGP’s data and findings into one flagship publication to provide thought leadership to the partnership, and provide comparative snapshots on all OGP countries.

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