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The pandemic has shown just how easily things can break down. But it also offers the opportunity to build them back up, better and stronger.

Already, open data is helping track the pandemic and empowering citizens with information. Open contracting, citizen participation, and transparent oversight offer a better path for governments distributing vaccines. Open government ensures government keeps the receipts and citizens can monitor the trillions being pumped into economies.

But much more is possible, doable.

We are adding another R to our Open Response + Open Recovery campaign: Introducing Open Renewal

Open Renewal is about more than resetting. It is about tackling the systematic weaknesses in our societies that for too long have held too many back.

In 2021, OGP members will co-create a record 100+ action plans. This is an opportunity to demonstrate how open government is essential to how we respond, recover, and eventually renew our societies. Through Open Renewal, we are asking all members to explore bold, ambitious reforms across four areas.

Advance Transparency and Accountability

Open budgets, open contracts, and beneficial ownership transparency are vital to ensure stimulus and safety net funding reaches those most in need.  Post-pandemic these activities should be global norms.

Tackle Systemic Inequalities

Policies should be adopted to ensure the inclusion of historically marginalized groups, expose gender and other pay gaps, fight corruption that steals resources, root out biases in law enforcement, and expand access to justice. 

Protect Democracy and Civic Space

More resilient democracies can be built by combating disinformation, illicit money in politics and big tech impunity, strengthening the media environment, and safeguarding the rights of citizens and civil society.

Enhance Citizen Participation

Governments can build trust and a more citizen-centered democracy through participatory budgeting, social audits, citizen assemblies, and other deliberative democracy efforts.

Open Renewal coincides with OGP’s 10th anniversary and is also intended to renew the spirit, optimism and energy that first launched OGP and to put it to use to address the challenges of today. To incentivize the Partnership, the Co-Chairs of OGP, the Republic of Korea and Maria Baron of Directorio Legislativo, have launched a global call-to-action for all OGP members in 2021 to showcase through their new and existing action plans ambitious commitments that address these challenges – including through the co-chair priorities areas of anti-corruption, civic space and participation, and digital policies.

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