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Find out how to join and participate in OGP and how reforms are co-created by reformers inside and outside government.

The Open Government Partnership is based on the idea that an open government is more accessible, more responsive, and more accountable to citizens, and that improving the relationship between people and their government has long-term, exponential benefits for everyone.

OGP is a broad partnership that includes members at the national and local level and thousands of civil society organizations. Through the Partnership, these powerful forces work together to co-create two-year action plans with concrete steps – commitments – across a broad range of issues.

This unique model ensures that civil society organizations or direct citizen engagement has a role in shaping and overseeing governments. Collectively, more than 4,000 commitments have been made globally.

Government Membership

More than 70 countries and over 100 local governments — representing more than two billion people — are members of OGP.  All OGP governments sign on to the Open Government Declaration and are required to work with civil society organizations to co-create reforms as part of an action plan that can deliver real benefits to citizens.

Civil Society

Thousands of civil society organizations – large and small – use the OGP platform to advance their key issues and concerns. OGP helps these organizations directly reach government representatives and provides a platform and process for ongoing engagement with each other.


OGP staff support reformers in government and civil society in member countries with strategic planning, structured assistance for co-creation processes, relationship building, learning and accountability. Experience and information are shared regionally and globally to enable peer learning. OGP also convenes coalitions around policy areas, including gender and inclusion, beneficial ownership, water and more.

Tracking and Accountability

OGP’s Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) monitors all action plans throughout their two-year cycles to measure progress on commitments. OGP’s Analytics and Insights team utilize IRM data and third-party sources to determine best practices, identify trends, and provide new open government perspectives on issues ranging from education to open contracting.  Civil society, government leaders, and citizens use this information to reflect on their own progress and determine future actions.

Campaigns, Storytelling and Open Gov Week

OGP campaigns, special projects and major reports raise awareness, build communities of advocates, and foster action by members. OGP’s first integrated campaign Break the Roles helped gender and inclusion to become the fastest growing thematic focus in 2019. Currently, OGP is focused on its Open Response and Open Recovery campaign to encourage open government actions related to COVID-19. OGP also collects stories from across its membership as part of the CitizEngage initiative.

OGP also organizes Open Gov Week, an annual, global event featuring more than 1,500 events in nearly 80 countries since 2018.


OGP’s Steering Committee, Board of Directors, and International Experts Panel are comprised of open government advocates, leaders and actors with experience and resources to specific topics and policy areas. Together they guard our mission and monitor our strategies to open government effectively and responsibly.

Open Government Partnership