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Read the latest debates and developments on open government issues authored by OGP’s global community.

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Countering Kleptocracy through Open Government and Democratic Oversight

Kleptocracy, "rule by thieves," distorts state institutions for elite gain, harming source and host countries. Explore a two part series by The National Democratic Institute and OGP that offer actionable strategies for OGP members and local governments to combat transnational kleptocracy, safeguarding governance, economies, and national security.


OGP Fact Sheets

Explore global progress and member-level examples of open government work in each of the selected policy areas and various regions.


Open Gov Guide (2024)

The Open Gov Guide is the “how-to” resource on applying open government principles to real-world challenges. It is a one-stop shop for concrete recommendations, examples of reforms, and international standards and guidance to help reformers, whether they are working on…

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