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Read the latest debates and developments on open government issues authored by OGP’s global community.


Global Report

The promise of democracy is often defined by the ballot box, where citizens determine who will represent their interests in government. That promise, however, too often fails to translate to the reality of people’s daily lives...

More in Research

The Open Government Partnership, together with Carleton University, is pleased to convene the 2nd academic conference on open government at the OGP Global Summit in Ottawa, Canada 2019. The theme of the conference (#OGPAcademy19) is ‘Participation, Inclusion, and Impact,' and it will feature presentations from more than two dozen academics and students from around the world.

Whether you are inside or outside of OGP, you may not yet be convinced of the benefits of opening government. When you open government, what do you get in return? If you are asking this question, this guide is for you.

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Digital Governance – What Role Could OGP Play?

Seeking innovation and employing new technologies for opening up government has been central to OGP's mission and a key area of focus for OGP since its founding in 2011. As of July 2019, OGP participants have made more than 1,700…

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