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Research on OGP

Explore internal and external research on OGP, which informs our goals and strategy.

Credit: Emile Perron via Unsplash

Independent Research

The Power of Partnership in Open Government

The authors argue that indirect pathways to transnational impact on domestic policy have considerable but often overlooked potential to shape policy norms and models, alter resources and opportunities, and forge new linkages and coalitions — in short, to drive the substantial changes that inspire initiatives like the Open Government Partnership.

Independent Evaluation of OGP

This evaluation looks at the relevance, effectiveness, and efficiency of the OGP platform and strategies, covering reform processes in different contexts and analysis of the factors that drive, distort or block reforms.

Process effects of multistakeholder institutions: Theory and evidence from the Open Government Partnership

This paper asks how membership in transnational multi-stakeholder institutions shape states’ domestic governance.

Beneficial Ownership Transparency – Assessing Funder Contributions

The Transparency and Accountability Initiative (TAI) partnered with Intention to Impact to understand how, if at all, TAI members contributed to select policy outcomes and to examine the system of enabling and hindering factors surrounding these outcomes.

In-House Research

OGP Vital Signs - Ten Years of Data in Review

Moving into its next 10 years, OGP has an important opportunity to look back and assess whether the platform is working as intended: Are governments and civil society collaborating to design reforms? Are governments implementing the reforms they commit to? And, importantly, what predicts success, and what can we do about it?

OGP at Ten: Toward Democratic Renewal

When eight governments and nine civil society leaders launched OGP in 2011, no one expected it to reach its current size and scope. Ten years later, explore the data, reforms, and stories that show that the OGP process is opening up governments and providing the seeds for a democratic renewal.

Reform in Action

Creating lasting open government impact requires working closely with reformers on the ground, constantly anticipating risks and getting ahead of them, and navigating the political economy that impacts the pace of the reforms. In this series, we learn how reformers from across the globe leverage their engagement with OGP to achieve their open government goals and observe how incremental progress can lead to systemic change.

Open Government Partnership