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Partnerships and Coalitions

OGP uses partnerships and coalitions to foster action on specific topic areas of interest across its Membership.

Beneficial Ownership Leadership Group

Convened by Open Ownership and Open Government Partnership, the Beneficial Ownership Leadership Group came together in 2019 to drive the global policy shift towards free, open beneficial ownership data.

Gender Coalition

As part of the Break the Roles campaign, this coalition brings together a dedicated group of global leaders on open government and gender equality to help build political momentum behind gender and inclusion within open government practices and commitments.

Community of Practice on Water and Open Government

In partnership with Fundación Avina, the Open Government Partnership, Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), Water Integrity Network (WIN), and the World Resources Institute (WRI), this group seeks to tackle challenges to the delivery of water and sanitation services through open government approaches.

OGP Practice Group on Dialogue and Deliberation

Created to foster and support the use of deliberative practices within OGP and by its members, OGP’s Practice Group on Dialogue and Deliberation works with the OGP to offer insights and support in the use of deliberation in the development and implementation of OGP action plans.

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