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The Nordic+ is an informal regional peer exchange caucus where government points of contact and civil society alike meet to cross-pollinate ideas, identify best open government practices, and share their experiences in implementing open government reforms.

The Nordic+ was initiated in 2015 by Norway (a founding member of OGP), Denmark, Sweden and Finland, a group of countries known for their welfare systems, low levels of corruption, and societies based on equality, trust, and openness. Membership of this informal network has since grown to include the Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania – as well as Germany, the Netherlands, Scotland, and Iceland (in an observer status).The Nordic+ normally meet once or twice a year in on- or offline formats, depending on the needs and interests of the members.

Nordics Map

IRM Regional Snapshot: Nordics

The Nordics enjoy high public trust and continue to perform well on open government issues like anti-corruption and transparency. Despite this high baseline, Nordic OGP action plans could benefit from focusing on commitments on lobbying transparency, public procurement and political financing.


What’s Next for Open Government in the Nordics

The Nordics top the rankings on good governance, showing strong institutions, rule of law, and high levels of public trust See what they're doing in OGP.

Interview, Ms. Rikke Hougaard Zeberg, Director-General, the Danish Agency for Digitisation

1) Why is it important for a country with low levels of corruption, like Denmark, to be part of an organization like OGP? Openness, anti-corruption and citizen engagement are all continuously important issues – even to countries with a long…

Openness and Information Integrity in Norway

stortinget-parliament.jpg Introduction Norway, one of the most open governments in the world, has achieved one of the highest degrees of information integrity.  In common with other Nordic countries, its aim is to make government as accountable, transparent and democratic as…

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