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OGP Practice Group on Dialogue and Deliberation


The Open Government Partnership’s Practice Group on Dialogue and Deliberation was created to foster and support the use of deliberative practices within the OGP and by its members (national, provincial, regional, and municipal), especially in the development and implementation of their action plans. The Practice Group does this through:

  • Thought Leadership and Awareness Raising: The Group undertakes and commissions research to develop ideas, methods, tools, and processes that support its mission. It shares the results in a variety of ways, including publishing papers and guidance material, conducting seminars and webinars, and posting information and documents on its OGP webpage.
  • Connecting and Community-Building: The Group supports informed discussion and learning about deliberation by connecting interested members of the OGP (public servants and civil society members) with practitioners, experts, and scholars in the field.
  • Providing Assistance: The Group works with the OGP Support Unit to support members who are seeking to use deliberation by providing advice, tools, training, mentoring, encouragement, and guidance.

Please contact the Practice Group’s Co-Chairs, Dr. Don Lenihan ( and Damian Carmichael ( to find out more.

Value Proposition

Informed Participation brings citizens and/or stakeholders together with government to find solutions to complex issues and to build trust and confidence.

The Deliberation Series

This briefing book provides accessible, concise, and cogent answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about public deliberation. It hopes to spark conversations among both politicians and senior public servants on how deliberative practices can contribute to improved public engagement practices.

This guide walks practitioners through key tasks in designing Informed Participation processes, step by step, to develop an engagement process that matches the issue they are trying to solve.

This resource contains a toolkit for a two-day workshop on designing public deliberation processes.

This paper argues that problems and solutions in public deliberation typically involve narrative building.

Partner Resources

  1. Civic Participation: A Strategic Review of OGP Action Plans from Syracuse University

    A team of experts analyzes OGP action plans to assess efforts at co-creation and identify emerging trends.

    2020, Document, PDF

  2. Innovative Citizen Participation and New Democratic Institutions: Catching the Deliberative Wave

    This groundbreaking OECD report draws on almost 300 cases to identify and analyze key practices in public deliberation.

    , Outbound Link, Web Page

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