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Informed Participation: Workshop on Designing Public Deliberation Processes


This publication is Volume III  of The Deliberation Series, a collection of papers on public deliberation, researched and written by The Open Government Partnership’s Practice Group on Dialogue and Deliberation.

This resource contains a toolkit for a two-day workshop on designing public deliberation processes. The contents of the kit are based on Volumes I and II of The Deliberation Series. The key sections of the workshop can be broken out into modules and used independently. The kit contains four tools:

  1. The Annotated Agenda identifies the workshop sessions and their objectives, defines a broad plan for the discussion, sets milestones, and allots the time for different sessions.
  2. The Presentation Slides follow the steps set out in the Guide (Vol II), summarizing its key steps. The trainer uses them to lead the workshop.

  1. The Participant Workbook contains material for three breakout sessions in which participants will develop the “terms of reference” for an issue of their choosing.
  2. The Trainer’s Guide provides some speaking notes, suggestions, and tips for the Trainer on how to present the slides.


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