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OGP National Handbook – Rules and Guidance for Participants (2024)

The OGP National Handbook was designed to help reformers in government and civil society navigate the OGP process. It includes guidance, examples, best practices, templates, and information on minimum requirements of all the key moments in a country’s participation in…


Countering Kleptocracy through Open Government and Democratic Oversight

Kleptocracy, "rule by thieves," distorts state institutions for elite gain, harming source and host countries. Explore a two part series by The National Democratic Institute and OGP that offer actionable strategies for OGP members and local governments to combat transnational kleptocracy, safeguarding governance, economies, and national security.

2023 OGP Data Recap

OGP data services and three things to expect in 2024

From more accessible data on OGP commitments to updated fact sheets, the OGP Support Unit was busy making OGP data more accessible in 2023. This data on open government reforms can enable stronger advocacy, peer learning, and reforms. Here, we…

National Actions to Help Professional Services Ensure Financial System Integrity

Safeguarding the financial system is paramount for national security, democracy, and combating corruption. Highlighting the role of "enablers" in money laundering, leading to reduced tax bases and empowering repressive regime and with the Summit for Democracy's objectives, this note guides the Financial Transparency, and Integrity Cohort on actionable steps to ensure professional services contribute to growth and integrity.


OGP Fact Sheets

Explore global progress and member-level examples of open government work in each of the selected policy areas and various regions.

Open Government Partnership