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Don Lenihan

Don Lenihan

Senior Associate, Institute on Governance, Canada

Dr. Don Lenihan is Senior Associate at the Institute on Governance in Ottawa, Canada. He is an internationally recognized expert on public engagement, accountability, and governance. Don has over 25 years of experience as a project leader, writer, speaker, senior government advisor, trainer, and facilitator. Throughout his career, he has developed and led many research and consultation projects involving senior public servants, academics, elected officials, journalists, and members of the private and third sectors from across the country. He is the author of numerous articles, studies, and books, and was a weekly columnist for National Newswatch. He earned his PhD in political theory from the University of Ottawa. You can visit his website here.

Don is also a co-chair of the OGP Practice Group on Dialogue and Deliberation.

Authored Content


Why Shared Narratives Matter More Than Ever

Arguably the most over-used word in public policy is “narrative”. Everyone likes to bandy it about, from politicians and pundits to scholars and therapists. So, do we really need an explanation as to why narrative is also important for public deliberation? The answer is, more than ever.

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