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Articles of Governance

Updated December 20, 2021

The Articles of Governance were adopted by consensus by OGP’s Steering Committee in April 2012 and revised in March 2014 and April 2015 to reflect decisions taken by the Steering Committee. These Articles establish the mandate and policies of the Open Government Partnership, including the Steering Committee, the Support Unit, and the Independent Reporting Mechanism.

In 2018, under the direction of the Criteria and Standards Subcommittee, OGP undertook a review of the Articles of  Governance in order to strengthen their language, align to current practices, and reflect all decisions made by the OGP Steering Committee since they were last reviewed in 2015. However, this alignment process was not used as a mechanism to make substantive changes to policies, processes, or procedures of OGP. In addition, some addenda items such as the IRM Charter and the Rapid Response Mechanism will undergo individual reviews in 2019 and therefore were not part of the 2018 review process. The IRM Charter will be updated in 2022 to reflect the IRM Refresh approved by the Steering Committee.

The revised Articles underwent a one-month public comment period, and have been endorsed by the Steering Committee. The final version of the Articles of Governance, which are in effect as of 17 June 2019, may be accessed here.


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