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OGP Multi-Donor Trust Fund

Open Government Partnership (OGP), with the support of development partners and working together with the World Bank, established the OGP Multi-Donor Trust Fund (or the MDTF) to support World Bank client countries and local entities that participate in OGP, or intend to become eligible to participate in OGP.

MDTF financing will be a resource in creating or implementing national- or local-led commitments with potentially high impact that lead to increasing government transparency, improving accountability, and strengthening citizen engagement and government responsiveness. The MDTF will also enable advancement of OGP’s thematic priorities including through peer learning among OGP members, and the expansion and dissemination of knowledge around the effectiveness and impact of open government reforms.

With the support of Agence Française de Développement, the Government of Canada, and the United Kingdom’s Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office, the MDTF provides awards on a competitive basis to national and local participants with a multi-stakeholder forum, and to partners who will support the learning and building of evidence of impact of OGP commitments. The World Bank presides over the MDTF financing, therefore these competitive awards and the different types of support that will be rolled out throughout 2018 and 2019 are managed according to the World Bank rules and procedures. Government and civil society in OGP countries and our partners are encouraged to stay tuned for more information.

Open Government Partnership