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Advancing Thematic Priorities

The OGP MDTF will support a program on Advancing Thematic Priorities, including through Peer Learning, specifically targeted at advancing ambitious uptake of OGP’s thematic priorities by helping to catalyze a “race to the top” on emerging open government norms through use of the OGP platform at the national-local and global level. The program aims to support coalitions of governments and civil society organizations engaged in cross-country learning, peer exchange, policy development, and advocacy in support of uptake of OGP’s thematic priorities.

One of OGP’s strengths has been its ability to bring together the rich, diverse experiences of government and civil society reformers and tap into the expertise of OGP’s strategic partners through structured and sustained learning that is directed at co-creating policy and implementing technical and complex open government reforms. The MDTF will support this effort through activities that bring together experts and country- and local-level actors to share inspiration, lessons, tools, and technical expertise in support of developing and implementing ambitious commitments. Complete evaluation criteria will be shared upon the launch of the Call for Expressions of Interest for this program.

2018-2019 Thematic Priorities

OGP has initiated a strategic push to promote stronger thematic leadership and build a stronger ecosystem of sector-based partnerships with expert organizations and leading governments to help participants tackle issues that will make a real difference in the lives of citizens. In 2018, a core objective of OGP is to promote the uptake of ambitious reforms in a focused set of thematic priorities through national and local action plans. This program of the OGP MDTF will support activities that advance different areas of the 2016 Paris Declaration on Open Government, including a special emphasis in 2018 on the OGP Steering Committee agreed priorities of:

1. Anti-Corruption:

  • Beneficial Ownership
  • Open Contracting
  • Policy Capture
  • Natural resources and extractives governance

2. Public Service Delivery

  • Health
  • Education

While the above themes will be prioritized, proposals in other Paris Declaration areas will also be considered.

Cross-cutting Priorities: Gender, Inclusion, and Civic Engagement

Additionally, cross-cutting issues like Parliaments, Gender, Inclusion, and Civic Engagement will be emphasized across all programs supported by the OGP MDTF. Preference will be given to applications that explicitly promote gender equality, advance the empowerment of women and girls, broaden engagement to include voices from marginalized and underrepresented communities, create access for people with disabilities, and/or deepen civic engagement through greater citizen input in policy-making and feedback on government services.

Amount and Duration

The MDTF will support activities for a total of US$100,000 annually for up to two years (maximum US$200,000 for two years).

Open Government Partnership