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Support for Countries to Gain Eligibility

Countries that have made a political declaration of intent to join the OGP may also receive support from OGP Trust Fund to undertake actions to become eligible or to support the enabling environment to implement open government. The Trust Fund will provide technical assistance to entities in countries that wish to undertake actions to become eligible to join OGP, where a letter of intent to join has been sent by the government to the OGP Support Unit. For these countries, the World Bank along with the OGP Support Unit will provide technical assistance on strategies to meet the OGP’s eligibility criteria. To be eligible, countries must meet a minimum of seventy-five percent of the eligibility score; pass the “Values Check” to ensure that countries interested in joining OGP are adhering to the democratic governance norms and values set forth in the OGP Government Declaration; and demonstrate support from domestic civil society organizations for joining OGP. Complete selection criteria will be shared upon the launch of the Call for Proposals for this program.

Amount and Duration

The Trust Fund will support activities implemented by the government for a total of US$100,000 over one year.

The Trust Fund plans to open a Call for Proposals to support Implementation of Commitments in OGP Action Plans in late 2018.

Open Government Partnership