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OGP Steering Committee



About the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC) is OGP’s executive, decision-making body. Its role is to develop, promote and safeguard OGP’s values, principles and interests,  establish OGP’s core ideas, policies, and rules, and oversees the functioning of the partnership.


Joining the Steering Committee

More about the government member election and civil society member selection as well as mandates and processes of the Steering Committee.

Accountability and Communications

OGP makes full Steering Committee and all Subcommittee meeting minutes available two weeks after the conclusion of the meeting and posts them on this page. Background documents for discussion during these meetings are also posted here in advance of the meetings.

On this page, the OGP posts documents that have been circulated to Steering Committee members, as well as any responses from the Steering Committee.

Recent Posts

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Co-Chair Global Call-to-Action for All OGP Members

In support of Open Renewal, the Co-Chairs of OGP, the Republic of Korea and Maria Baron of Directorio Legislativo, have launched a global call-to-action for all OGP members in 2021 to use their new and existing action plans to make ambitious commitments that address core challenges.


2020-21 OGP Co-Chair Vision: Government of the Republic of Korea and María Baron

The Government of the Republic of Korea and María Baron outline their co-chair priorities for the year ahead: strengthening civic space, tackling corruption and maximizing the democratic potential of digital technologies.


Government of Korea and María Baron to Steer the Open Government Partnership

The Government of the Republic of Korea and María Baron (Directorio Legislativo) are the new lead co-chairs of the OGP Steering Committee. The new co-chairs will lead the Partnership for one year starting on October 1, 2020, and will work with ten other governments and ten civil society leaders who also serve in the Steering Committee. 

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