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Steering Committee Composition

Government Steering Committee Members

Government Region Current Term Ends* Ministerial Lead
(Lead Government Co-chair 2019-2020)
Americas 2021 (first term) Santiago Cafiero, Chief of Cabinet
Canada Americas 2020 (first term) Jean-Yves Duclos, President of the Treasury Board
France Europe 2021 (second term) Cédric O, Minister of State for the Digital Sector
Georgia Asia – Pacific 2022 (second term) Natia Mezvrishvili, Head of the Administration
Germany Europe 2022 (first term) Helge Braun, Head of the Federal Chancellery and Federal Minister for Special Tasks
Indonesia Asia – Pacific 2022 (first term) Suharso Monoarfa, Minister of National Development Planning
Italy Europe 2020 (first term) Fabiana Dadone, Minister of Public Administration
Nigeria Africa 2021 (first term) Abubakar Malami, Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice
Romania Europe 2021 (second term) Andreea Pastirnac, Foreign Policy Advisor to the Prime Minister
South Africa Africa 2020 (second term) Senzo Mchunu, Minister of Public Service and Administration
South Korea
(Incoming Government Co-Chair 2020 – 2021)
Asia 2021 (first term) Young Chin, Minister of the Interior and Safety

*Steering Committee members are eligible to serve for a maximum of two consecutive three-year terms. Current members seeking a second term must be reelected first to stay on the SC. 

Civil Society Steering Committee Members

You can read the biographies of the Civil Society Steering Committee members here.

Name Current Term Ends* Organization
María Baron (Incoming Civil Society Co-Chair 2020 – 2021)  2022 (second term) Directorio Legislativo
Helen Darbishire 2022 (second term) Access Info Europe
Aidan Eyakuze 2022 (second term) Twaweza
Delia Ferreira Rubio 2021 (first term)  Transparency International
Robin Hodess (Lead Civil Society Co-Chair 2019-2020) 2022 (second term)  The B Team
Giorgi Kldiashvili 2020 (first term) Institute for Development of Freedom of Information
Tur-Od Lkhagvajav 2020 (first term) Asia Democracy Network
Lucy McTernan 2021 (first term)  University of York
Elisa Peter  2022 (first term) Publish What You Pay 
Zuzana Wienk 2022 (second term) White Crow
**Asma Cherifi 2020 TACID Network
**Glynnis Cummings-John 2020 Restless Development 

*Steering Committee members are eligible to serve for a maximum of two consecutive three-year terms. Current members seeking a second term must be reelected first to stay on the SC. 

**Additional civil society Steering Committee members who serve a one-year term. Additional members are invited to participate in Steering Committee meetings and events but do not vote. 

The OGP Steering Committee has three standing subcommittees to support its work. Subcommittees are charged with carrying out preliminary work to inform decisions taken by the entire Steering Committee. Subcommittees make recommendations to the full Steering Committee for decision, unless provided for otherwise in the Articles of Governance or delegated to do so by the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee may choose to form additional subcommittees as needed. Each standing subcommittee is comprised of an equal balance of governments and civil society representatives drawn from the larger Steering Committee.

For more details on the functions of each subcommittee, please refer to the Articles of Governance.

Governance and Leadership (GL)

GL serves as the executive committee, comprising the four Chairs. It ensures continuous management of OGP, making decisions and keeping processes moving in a timely manner.

  • Government of Argentina – Lead Government Chair
  • Government of South Korea – Incoming Government Chair
  • Robin Hodess, The B Team – Lead Civil Society Chair
  • María Baron, Directorio Legislativo – Incoming Civil Society Chair

See the 2019-2020 Co-Chair Vision here

Criteria & Standards (C&S)

C&S oversees the mechanisms established to safeguard OGP’s values and procedures.

  • Government of Italy (Government Chair)
  • Government of France
  • Government of Georgia
  • Government of Nigeria
  • Aidan Eyakuze, Twaweza (Civil Society Chair)
  • Delia Ferreira Rubio, Transparency international
  • Lucy McTernan, University of York
  • Elisa Peter, Publish What You Pay

See the current C&S work plan here.

Thematic Leadership (TLS)

TLS provides strategic oversight of OGP’s strategy for advancing open government reform across priority themes and works closely with the Support Unit to execute efforts to scale thematic ambition across the partnership. The main role of TLS members is to advance open government reforms at the country level, catalyze a global race-to-the-top across OGP, and identify frontier thematic priorities for OGP.

  • Government of Indonesia
  • Government of Canada
  • Government of Germany
  • Government of Romania
  • Government of South Africa
  • Zuzana Wienk, White Crow (Civil Society Chair)
  • Helen Darbishire, Access Info Europe
  • Giorgi Kldiashvili, Institute for Development of Freedom of Information
  • Tur-Od Lkhagvajav, Asia Democracy Network

See the current TLS work plan here.

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