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COVID-19 has closed much of the world, and the strain on healthcare workers, government officials, essential workers and all those staying at home is extreme. Our community’s fundamental values of accountability, transparency, inclusivity, and responsiveness are vital as we move through response to recovery.  This page is an open forum enabling us and many of our partners to share the resources they are creating and curating. We hope you find it helpful.

Read a summary of how to get involved here. 

Image for State of Open Government During COVID-19

State of Open Government During COVID-19

Find key insights from the global data collected by the COVID-19 OpenGov Tracker

Image for OGP's Guide to Open Government and the Coronavirus

OGP's Guide to Open Government and the Coronavirus

Thematic resources on tackling the pandemic.

Image for Collecting Open Government Approaches to COVID-19

Collecting Open Government Approaches to COVID-19

More than 400 open gov actions crowdsourced by you.

Image for Resources & Events We've Collected

Resources & Events We've Collected

Join webinars and conversations, and find important resources.

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Taking the Co-Creation Process Online

Resources for moving forward with convening and action plans.

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Open Response + Open Recovery Digital Forum

Across the globe, countries are struggling to respond to the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19. Following a series of initial virtual thematic conversations around government responses to the coronavirus pandemic and how to move towards open and effective recovery efforts, we’re now continuing the conversation through regional virtual events.

Open Response, Open Recovery: Building Trust as the Antidote to COVID-19

OGP CEO Sanjay Pradhan writes about how the COVID-19 pandemic has compelled governments and citizens alike to take unprecedented, mitigating actions. In their shared struggle, mutual trust between government and citizenry can be key for successful, mutually-reinforcing response and recovery.

Statement on COVID-19 Response from OGP Civil Society Members

The civil society members of Open Government Partnership’s Steering Committee have released a statement on COVID and its risks to open government. Focused on democratic values, the statement is a call to action to governments, donors and international organisations.

 Open Walls +

Staring at the walls cutting us off from our communities or courageously fighting to save lives and keep the essentials we all need available, everyone could use some inspiration right now. Expressions of hope and calls for resilience surround us on the walls and buildings of our neighborhoods, in photos of what we're seeing on the streets, and in illustrations we've created on our own. We’ll be sharing these images here and through social media. Join us by uploading what's inspiring you.

See what's outside...

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Asia Graphics

Open Response + Open Recovery: Conversations with Asia-Pacific’s Open Gov Community

On July 7, over 100 open government reformers across the Asia-Pacific region convened for the conversation “Open Response + Open Recovery: Inclusive Participation and Civic Space in Times of Crisis”. The discussion focused on how reformers in the region are working to maintain inclusive civic participation and protect and expand civic space during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is what we heard.


Making Trillion Dollar Stimulus and Safety Nets Work for All: The Essential Steps We Can Take Now

OGP CEO Sanjay Pradhan calls on governments, citizens, civil society, businesses and others to join together to shape COVID-19 stimulus and safety nets and follow the money to save millions of lives and livelihoods.

Europe Webinar Screen Grab + Map

Open Response + Open Recovery: Conversations with Europe’s Open Gov Community

Read how Europe's open government community is leveraging the OGP platform during the pandemic and tackling the challenges it poses to civic space.

Cocreation process of the Local OGP – 2 Countering COVID-19 with Open Innovation

A time of crisis can shine a spotlight on the quality of services offered by governments. As is the case during the COVID-19 pandemic, some governments are faced with unprecedented challenges that are hard to address due to unpreparedness and…

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