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Collecting Open Government Approaches to COVID-19

As many of our countries are facing unprecedented challenges from COVID-19 the strain on our governments is extreme, and the impact on people all over the world continues to grow. At OGP our first steps have been to take proactive measures to protect our own team, and to adjust the timelines and expectations around OGP participation – such as postponing Open Gov Week events to later in the year and replacing the activities planned for May 3-10 with a series of online community events (more details coming soon). We will continue to assess whether we need to take further action as this crisis evolves.

See Examples of OG Approaches | Submit an Example | Read OGP’s Message to the Community on Coronavirus

We also know that many of us in the open government community are looking for ways to help and to apply the principles of transparency, accountability, and participation to the COVID-19 response. It is in moments of disaster response and relief that the values of open government can come under intense pressure, but can also meaningfully contribute to better outcomes.

We believe the best role for OGP right now is to help create an open space for the community to share where they see open government approaches to tackling COVID-19 being implemented, either by governments themselves or civil society, citizens or the private sector.

To get things started, we encourage you to share examples that may cover some of the following categories:

  • Citizen-led community responses, including neighborhood volunteer groups and neighborhood associations, clergy, teachers or others helping to inform the public on the risks and needed steps.
  • Participatory disaster response strategies, including working with civil society and citizens.
  • Building trust between government and citizens, including through strong communications and focusing on reaching vulnerable communities with the information they need.
  • Transparency over forecasting models and data that are influencing government’s strategies.
  • Digital platforms or apps to keep citizens informed, enable public participation and/or offer open data; Digital tools to enable public participation.
  • Digital and/or crowdsourced provision of public and government services.
  • Protecting data rights and privacy as corporations help lead the response in many countries.
  • Tackling misinformation and disinformation online.
  • Publishing proactive information for affected communities, including economic and social support.

We propose to keep a running list of these examples so the OGP community can use them as they see fit. We will periodically update the list below and share examples via social media.

Please add examples from OGP or non-OGP countries here. This is a crowd-sourced list for our community. Examples are not reviewed or vetted by OGP.

View the responses in the chart below or on the real-time response spreadsheet here.

Country: Region/City Example: Link to further information:
Argentina Buenos Aires A Whatsapp bot that answers questions about prevention, symptoms, and general information from city services about COVID-19
Argentina Buenos Aires We develop a guide for subnational government to manage the COVID-19 crisis from the perspective of how to make decisions, what health policies to take, what technologies to use and how to communicate actions to the public. This guide was elaborated between Asuntos del Sur and Bloomsbury Policy Group.ía-rápida-de-gestión-de-crisis-del-COVID-19-para-gobiernos.1-1.pdf
Argentina Nationwide App COVID-19 is a website and app that allows people to self-test for coronavirus. In addition, citizens are able to learn about the development of the pandemic and the measures adopted by national authorities to contain the advancement of the virus. On the first day of launching, 500,000 people already took the test with the app. Soon, a map will be available with the nearby health units.
Argentina Nationwide Social Contact Tracing
Argentina Nationwide Whatsapp & Facebook Chatbot
New automated helpline and free information on WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger. The service aims to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions, avoid misinformation, and provide tips that will keep people safe and help prevent the spread of COVID-19. In addition, notifications with relevant information about coronavirus are found in the Facebook News section and in the Instagram Feed.
Argentina Latin America Directorio Legislativo (CSO) presents and updated mapping of the regulations issued by 19 countries in Latin America and the Carribbean in the face of the crisis. Our monitoring includes regulations covering health, labor, education, economics and movement across and within countries
Argentina Latin America Directorio Legislativo (CSO) presents #PorUnaDemocraciaSaludable, a social media campaign designed to create awareness on democracies´ health facing the COVID crisis. During the campaign we are publishing about civic space, access to information, accountability and transparency and parliamentary work, among other issues (e.g: Which latin american congresses are introducing tech tools to their legislative work and how are they ensuring legislative transparency).
Bangladesh Government has set up an official coronavirus information portal in Bangla, with video resources, hotlines, other information.
Bangladesh South Asia Contribution
The COVID -19 demands cooperation among government, CSOs, local business communities, multi-stakeholders. Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication(BNNRC) has been mobilizing the stakeholders for social disaster preparedness and Disaster Risks Reduction (DRR) since its inception.
In this perspective, BNNRC has been working on COVID -19 covering with the following issues:
1. Animate CSOs, Government, health service providers and communities for reinforcing collective action.
2. Keeping community people’s daily life normal and livelihood function
3. Mobilize further cooperation among government, CSOs, local market and communities’ response
Bangladesh Kurigram As a Bangladeshi citizen, I want to be on the side of the government in this transitional country. I want to make people aware of the country and help. I believe people are for people.
Bulgaria Sofia #Sofia COVID-19 Viber Community – an online information system with news, useful information, guidance, Q&A, all in one place, 24/7.
Bulgaria Sofia Sofia Volunteer Platform recruits and organises volunteers to serve the elderly and other people at risk by daily door-to-door visits, bringing food, doing shopping, providing medication, making a friendly social phone call. Mayor Ms. Fandakova joins the volunteer teams daily. Over 3,000 citizens receive support at present, served by over 100 volunteers and the municipal enterprise “Social Patronage”.
Canada Supporting the Call to Action for Open Access to COVID-19 Scientific Publications
Canada’s Chief Science Advisor, in collaboration with 13 countries, has called on the scholarly publishing community to voluntarily agree to make their COVID-19 and coronavirus-related publications, and the available data supporting them, immediately accessible in PubMed Central and other appropriate public repositories, (such as the World Health Organization’s COVID database), to support the ongoing public health emergency response efforts.
Canada Nationwide Provide information on COVID-19 under an open licence
Public Health information on COVID-19 is also published on the Open Government portal under the Open Government Licence, allowing anyone to use this information with few caveats and increasing the discoverability of the resource.
Canada Nationwide Redirect citizen to official source of information
Banner added on Open Government portal’s landing page to direct citizens to Canada’s designated hub for COVID-19 to avoid possible confusion. The corona virus webpage centralizes information on COVID-19, such as outbreak updates, symptoms and treatments, prevention and risks and public health guidance on travels.
Canada Vancouver, BC, Canada Open Procurement from City of Vancouver’s (non-successful) smart cities challenge bid in 2018. The ‘Call for Innovation’ provided a partnership structure that was modeled after NYC’s Call for Innovations’. This sort of structure could enable cities/other to post an required outcome, rather than a requirements set, to tackle C-19 related issues. Private companies would then submit their view on requirements and what they believed would be required to facilitate, all of which was enabled in 2018 by a webform.
Chile Nacional Nos adherimos a FrenaLaCurva, iniciativa generada desde Aragón, que ha permitido comunitariamente, mediante un sistema de georeferenciación, permitir construir un mapa de ayuda comunitaria en tiempos de crisis.
Colombia The local government and different civil society organizations joined efforts to launch a Hackaton to provide solutions to the challenge of mobilizing critical workers at the same time as reducing contagion among citizens
Colombia Bogota Hackaton to find solutions to mobility under the pandemic
Côte d’Ivoire Dashboard using government data to track COVID-19 cases in Côte d’Ivoire: location, total number, and recoveries.
Ecuador Como aporte al estado de excepción ecuatoriano debido a los casos de Covid-19 confirmados, así como su declaratoria como pandemia, la sociedad civil desarrolla plataformas de monitoreo a los casos presentes en el país. Permiten visualizar datos sobre el número de pruebas, la evolución de la curva de aprendizaje del contagio, el estado y la localización de los casos, entre otros. La información proviene del portal oficial y de las declaraciones transmitidas en las ruedas de prensa virtuales del Comité de Operaciones de Emergencia. o
Ecuador Ecuador se unió a la plataforma colaborativa que está siendo implementada ya por 11 países. En Ecuador, la plataforma registra iniciativas ciudadanas frente al Covid-19, formando un repositorio de acceso libre para que la ciudadanía conozca y colabore con los esfuerzos de la sociedad civil ecuatoriana ante la emergencia sanitaria.
El Salvador This is a Tableau web responsive tool that allows users to contrast the number of PCR tests to detect COVID-19 vs. the number of confirmed cases, geographical location of confirmed cases, as well as health containment centers and collection centers for donation of food and household goods for them.
Estonia Järva Vald Järva Vald is using their community engagement app to info citizens regarding nation and local level actions, guidelines and order to prevent and stop spreading of the coronavirus in Estonia. Engagement app offers possibility not only publish targeted question cards, feedback, calendar events, rss feed, social media content but also send infocards (incl. picture or video embeding, texts and links) with push notifications to users mobile devices asap which is crucial to ensure that everyone are updated. City officials can also detect how many users have seen the shared info and in what time so you don´t have to relay on your facebook algorithm and homepages.
France A shared infrastructure developed by Scaleway (private companies) to help teams organize remote calls and meetings
France A slack community of tech people to foster data initiatives against covid-19
France An open source platform for doctors and hospitals to have an app for remote monitoring of suspected or real cases at home
France Open data platform gathering cases (from official data) but not – yet – run by the government
France Platform for healthcare people and people who still have to work to find help to take care of kids or do some groceries
Georgia Citizen-led Platform for registering as a volunteer in order to provide different types of assistance during the Covid-19 crisis
Georgia Government led Platform coordinating the prevention activities, and further spread, of Covid-19
Georgia small and medium businesses suffer from severe financial loses and are closing down. The platform has been established to share the experiences to help out small and medium businesses to cope with the difficulties.
Germany Virtual hackathon against COVID19, officially supported by the Federal Government and carried and executed by a broad range of civic tech and civil society actors. Launched March 18
Honduras Nationwide Online portal resource
Ireland Simple application form for unemployment support for workers affected
Ireland Ireland, Northern Ireland, UK, Netherlands Highlighting key initiatives and solutions in the worldwide efforts to defeat COVID-19 and minimize its impact.Directing people to initiatives where they can participate (scientists, engineers, others)
Israel COVID-19 SPRINT – Multiple teams working virtually across Israel (and worldwide) to solve challenges associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic
Italy Dashboard on COVID-19 in Italy from the Presidency of Council of Minister – Department of Civil Protection (desktop) and (mobile)
Italy LazioDoctor per Covid from Regione Lazio
Through the mobile Android application downloaded on the phone and a self-assessment questionnaire, some information will be processed by the system and will be made available to healthcare professionals. In the case of answers indicative of risk of contact or infection, the patient will be contacted for further information and tele-visited; in this way it will be possible to contact your general practitioner in virtual mode, anywhere. The application provides secure bidirectional text-audio communications via smartphone between the citizen and their doctor. The video call is activated, if necessary, by the doctor to investigate the patient’s clinical picture.
Italy Open data on COVID-19 in Italy from the Presidency of Council of Minister – Department of Civil Protection
Italy Web app to follow cases and finds digital solutions
Italy Anpas According to Melania Caccavo and Alessandro Benini from Anpas, they are using to disseminate information about services their associations and volunteer networks are providing to people stuck in their homes due to health problems/quarantine. Their goal is to contribute to flattening the curve and limit spread of the virus by helping people stay in their homes, avoiding hazardous actions and promoting recommended behavior.
Jordan Mafraq (a city in Jordan) A number of Jordanian citizens from Shdeifat Tribe in Mafraq (a city of Jordan) took the initiative to form voluntary committees and deliver essential food supplies to vulnerable citizens. Furthermore, specialist doctors from the region gave health and medical advice via phone and provided guidance with respect to protecting ourselves and everyone else during this time.
Jordan All Jordan Regions Al-Hayat Center- RASED launched a campaign to encourage CSOs &individuals to support the Ministry of Health efforts to deal with Coronavirus. The Ministry urged citizens to donate money and facilitated the process through online banking transfer. Hayat set an example and donated 1000 JDs (1400USD) from the organization’s account. Hayat also designed a poster demonstrating a step by step process of using online banking to donate. Many citizens responded to Hayat Facebook stating their donations.
Jordan All Jordan Regions Hayat-RASED launched an online campaign “#Our country is our responsibility” to motivate local citizens to take responsibility in hindering the dissemination of COVID-19 in Jordan by following the official instructions and staying indoors. The campaign reached more than 250,000 citizens and many locals took part in it, posting messages and videos on their social media accounts with the campaign hashtag.
#راصد #وطنا_مسؤوليتنا
Jordan All Jordan Regions Jordanian Healing & Health Bank launched a social media campaign to support the Ministry of Health’s efforts in dealing with Coronavirus. It was also done to raise awareness about the importance of following the Government’s instructions. They further launched another campaign called “Keeping your home sanitized” to encourage people to disinfect and sterilize their houses in order to curb the spread of the virus
Jordan All Jordan Regions Ministry of Culture enlisted a number of Jordanian actors and influencers in a bid to launch an awareness campaign video in lieu of combatting Coronavirus. In the videos, the influencers and actors showcased tips and ways to help children use their spare time at home efficiently under the indoor quarantine. They were also featured to urge the people across Jordan to follow key steps for personal hygiene to curb the spread of Covid 19
Jordan All Jordan Regions The Government launched a website that enables the public to access information on Jordan’s situation with regard to Coronavirus. It includes the updated numbers of coronavirus cases, recoveries, their conditions, and how to take preventive measures to avoid getting infected.
Jordan All Jordan Regions The government announced a set of decisions taken to fight against coronavirus, the measures including suspending work hours for the private sector, and all public departments and institutions, except vital sectors, free medical quarantine in five-star hotels, medical care for infected citizens, postponing bank instalments and evacuation of Jordanian citizens and Palestinians from China.
Jordan All Jordan Regions The private sector in Jordan launched a campaign to financially support the Government’s efforts through donations. The amount reached up to 10 million JODs in the second week of March
Jordan All Jordan Regions Naua platform, one of the initiatives undertaken by the crown prince foundation launched a campaign to support one of the most vulnerable sectors, the daily wage labourers who wouldn’t be able to fulfil their own basic needs and that of their families due to the government shutdown and indoor quarantine. The campaign will use the donations to distribute food kits that contain essentials for the survival of these families.
Jordan All Jordan Regions The Jordanian Teachers Association took the initiative to form voluntary committees among teachers across Jordan. The role of the committees is to coordinate with the armed forces and government agencies to deliver essential food supplies to citizens in need.
Jordan All Jordan regions The Jordan Public Security Directorate launched a campaign “#Stay Home” to curb the dissemination of COVID-19 and to raise awareness about the importance of following the Government’s instructions. People supported the campaign and circulated it widely on their personal social media accounts using creative ideas and photos under the same hashtag or sent it directly to the Jordan Public Security Directorate to publish it on their account.
#خليك_بالبيت (Arabic)
Jordan All Jordan Nahno is the national platform for volunteering and youth engagement in Jordan. In response to the crisis, nahno is offering online engagement and volunteering opportunities for Jordanian citizens to allow them to contribute and have some positive impact on their community in the lockdown.
Jordan Almafraq, manshiat bani hassan Ebsher ya watan initiative
A community initiative from the city of Manshiyyat Bani Hassan in coordination with the municipality, which is the process of delivering bread to all citizens within the city of Manshiyya, on a daily basis for 14 days starting from nine in the morning until five in the evening in an organized and integrated way that guarantees the arrival of bread for all residents of the city due to a curfew for non-proliferation Corona Virus. The initiative is based on a specialized group of the city’s youth, in coordination with government agencies. They work to provide flour material for bakeries, supervise the making of bread, then load it into vehicles designated for that, and then distribute it to the entire population, via an electronic platform link. Payments are estimated at 5,000 dollars.
Jordan Cover all Jordan Regions The government launched “Darsak” (the Arabic word for your lesson)an online platform to sustain public school education for students from different grades all over Jordan, where all lessons are recorded by teachers. The lessons are also broadcasted on national TV for those who have no internet access.
Kenya Nairobi Smart Village: Positivity and inter-connectedness of local communities
Kenya Nairobi It’s really not the Kenyan government. I am just collecting whatever I can find in terms of online tools out there – some are by the government. Check it out. Happy to connect and share insights.
Latvia In Latvia on March 17-19 virtual hackathon HackForce was organised in a fully virtual environment. Organisers were volunteers from the startup community.
The goal was to find solutions to the challenges posed by the coronavirus crisis by mobilizing volunteer resources at the community level.
During the hackathon, with the help of mentors participants developed ideas, focusing on 4 areas:
– medicine and healthcare – digital technology solutions, prototypes, and more;
– solutions to the coronavirus crisis (social distance, information flow, volunteering, and other assistance);
– education – tools, and ideas for remote learning, online training, and more;
– economy and business support projects.
HackForce ended on March 19. Learn more
Latvia The Government launched a website that enables the public to access information on Latvia’s situation with regard to Coronavirus – The Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (CDPC) of Latvia has developed the map, which is updated daily with the latest statistical data on the number of confirmed COVID – 19 cases in Latvia. The interactive map is available on the CDPC website (, where a link to the interactive map is published.
Lithuania “HACK THE CRISIS” is a virtual hackathon organised by volunteers from the Lithuanian government, corporates & startup community.
No matter your profession, we invite you to join us – we need help from experts in all fields, entrepreneurs and professionals. Please contribute your time and skills & let’s solve the crisis all together.”
Malaysia A one-stop, user-friendly platform for COVID19 mutual aid initiatives — by Malaysian civil society. Essentially, the platform matches people who want to help with people who need help via civil society intiatives.
Mexico Atlixco, Puebla Creating citizen networks BEFORE a massive contagion stage to 1. prevent the spread of misinformation and spread reliable information; 2. Identify at risk populations and create local support networks; 3. organize community responses to diminish public gatherings; 4. promoting local businesses to have a resilient economy
Mexico Latin America We are serving a digital platform to ease information management to improve governments efficiency towards acting and transparency towards citizen empowerment. This platform includes geospatial analysis and the issuing of digital certificates using blockchain.
Mexico The initiative is supported by 13 national chapters of Transparency International of Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, México, Panamá, Perú, República Dominicana, Venezuela Transparency International integrated a taskforce from 13 countries in Latin American to identify risks in public procurement and mitigate them. The taskforce presented a set of proposals to mitigate the risk of opacity, hidden contracts, overpricing, lack of competition and collusion. The coalition makes a special appeal to the private sector to avoid practices that affect the supply of goods and services necessary to face the health emergency.
Mexico Nuevo Leon A public microsite that includes information and guidance issued by public institutions in Nuevo Leon that may be relevant and useful, including georeferenced maps through which you can locate hospitals, health centers and public and private laboratories that are testing for COVID-19 developed by Comisión de Transparencia y Acceso a la Información del Estado de Nuevo León (COTAI).
Morocco Nationwide Sehatuk is a website and bot that answers questions about prevention, symptoms, and general information from health officials about COVID-19. The service aims to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions, avoid misinformation, and provide tips that will keep people safe and help prevent the spread of this pandemic.
Nepal The Coronavirus CivActs Campaign (CCC) gathers rumours, concerns and questions from communities across Nepal to eliminate information gaps between the government, media, NGOs and citizens. By providing the public with facts, the CCC ensures a better understanding of needs regarding the coronavirus and debunks rumours before they can do more harm.
Nepal Nationwide Debunking rumors, countering fake news and pushing out validated information in daily bulletins and through community radio, in local languages
Nigeria rural areas Innovate for Africa: is a international formation of social entrepreneurs, doctors, technologists, lawyers, communicators, and makers that jointly are mobilizing the local distribution systems to get masks and sanitizers to the most vulnerable populations across the country. With pilots running now, (started within a week), we hope to mobilize similar efforts across other countries.
Pakistan Nationwide Debunking rumors, countering fake news and pushing out validated information in daily bulletins and through community radio, in local languages
Panama Convert our ID into a debit card to provide economic assistance in order to buy groceries, first need implements and medicines.
Paraguay Nacional Toda la información relacionada a la pandemia se encuentra disponible en el sitio web
Peru Comprenhensive website with updated information about the COVID19 crisis in Peru. Regarding sanitary information, it includes the official number of people affected by the virus, number of tests applied so far and easy steps to avoid contamination. Workers can also obtain the special transit permit (Peru in under mandatory quarantine for 15 days) and citizens can access the database of vulnerables families that will be used to grant a one-off cash transfer equivalent to 108 USD.
Philippines Nationwide “NCoV tracker website provided by the Department of Health https://nch/
It contains information about confirmed cases, including trends and categorized by age groups, as well as geo-location of hospitals that admits patients. In addition, it provides guidelines, answers to frequently asked questions, contact details, public advisories and press briefings, and situational reports.”
Romania National Emergencies platform, developed with civil society, covering official guidelines on COVID19 response
Romania Website, developed by civil society in collaboration with the Government, collecting all public communication from official sources to combat fake news and desinformation
Singapore Open data platform on cases using government data but run by civil society
Singapore TraceTogether is a mobile application developed to support existing nationwide efforts to combat COVID-19, by enabling community-driven contact tracing.
South Africa National A South African resource portal on the Covid—19 Corona Virus
South Africa National Treasury has set up an email address where members of the public can send suggestions on how best National Treasury can deal with the COVID-19 virus. This is in support of efforts by the rest of government to ensure interaction with members of the public on the virus
South Africa WhatsApp channel to share official information on Covid-19
South Africa Cape Town Community-driven response to help out small businesses, elderly residents etc–BDDKdXGyCUw/viewform
South Korea Application called Corona 100 Plus is out for alerts when approached to places where those diagnosed with coronavirus have been
South Korea COVID-19 platform is recently open to update stats related to coronavirus. We can check out the numbers, geographical tracking, etc.
South Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety provides information on face masks and sanitizer as we have a new measure being implemented for citizens to purchase masks in five groups to manage its supply
South Korea Ministry of Health and Welfare updates the list of hospitals that have separate rooms for respiratory patients
South Korea Open Data Platform collects data on COVID including the list of hospitals, drive-through testing places
Spain plataforma colaborativa . España Colombia y México
Spain Catalunya Información básica para ciudadanos y empresas con las orientaciones oportunas durante la pandemia Covid-19
Switzerland Switzerland and Principality of Liechtenstein We are providing COVID-19 case numbers in machine-readable form (CSV) as OGD resources (Open Government Data), that have been published online by official sources (26 Swiss cantons and Principality of Liechtenstein).
Our aim is to create a common official OGD dataset of COVID-19 cases of the Swiss Authorities as a complement to the data being published by the Federal Office of Public Health.
Taiwan Taiwan The Taiwanese government worked with the private sector digital community through public National Health Insurance data collected and released as open data by the government to develop an online “mask supply and demand information platform” (口罩供需資訊平台) that contains over a hundred Apps and other digital tools from civil society, providing real-time information to help citizens search for face mask inventory levels and then purchase masks at drugstores through the name-based rationing system across Taiwan.
Tunisia Platform : CrowdTangle COVID-19
To allow you to easily see the content that talks about the Coronavirus on our Facebook and Instagram platforms, we have created a set of live dashboards on CrowdTangle and have made them public so that everyone can have access to them.
Use them to follow some of the most important content on coronaviruses on Facebook and Instagram from local media, regional pages of the World Health Organization, government agencies, local politicians, etc.
PS: CrowdTangle is a content discovery and social analysis tool. Facebook is the owner of CrowdTangle.
Tunisia Tunisia is the website of the ministry of Health to share all the update related to the COVID in Tunisia
Uganda Kampala Digital platforms or apps to keep citizens informed, enable public participation and/or offer open data; Digital tools to enable public participation.
Ukraine “Open contracting approach to regulate and monitor emergency COVID-19 procurement in Ukraine (ProZorro).
Emergency procurement is excluded from the procurement law. A structured list of goods that could be procured is adopted. Structured reporting for all signed and concluded contracts is mandatory (generating OCDS data).
A separate reporting dashboard in a business intelligence tool has been developed to display all the data.
The government is collaborating with businesses and CSOs to establish real-time procurement monitoring.”
Ukraine Ministry of Health of Ukraine has created an official telegram channel with information on the situation with the spread of COVID-19 – @COVID19_Ukraine and Telegram-bot with answers to the most common questions about COVID-19 – @COVID19_Ukraine_Bot. The Ministry also provides the opportunity to print and share information materials for educational and medical institutions, business owners, etc.
Ukraine The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has created an official website containing all information about the COVID-19 extension. Answers to the basic questions about COVID-19, current situation in Ukraine, information about the restrictions imposed, official recommendations are presented on this site
Ukraine The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has created a special system of voluntary registration of Ukrainian citizens who are abroad – the FRIEND. The system is used to communicate with such citizens and assist them, in particular in their return home during travel restrictions caused by COVID-19.
Ukraine The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has attracted the Ukrainian stars in a large-scale information campaign against the spread of COVID-19. Famous singers, athletes, TV presenters have appeared in special videos. For example, the stars call for simple rules that help reduce the risk of infection.
Ukraine The Ministry of Health of Ukraine, together with the Red Cross of Ukraine and the children’s TV channel “Plus Plus”, is launching an information campaign for kids on the prevention of COVID-19 “Learn about your superpower”. A video and posters adapted for children are distributed as part of the campaign. Simple rules are demonstrated: wash your hands, don’t touch your face, don’t approach other people, don’t eat raw food.
United Kingdom Community-led mutual aid groups across the country mobilizing and coordinating online, following up with neighbourhood support.
United States of America (the) US, Latin America and Spain Volunteers are translating articles from English to Spanish from credible sources that contain valuable information about COVID-19 for the Spanish-speaking public in the United States, Latin America and Spain. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, just behind Chinese, with 450 million Spanish speakers in the world. In the United States, an estimated 41 million people, or 13.5% of the total population, speak Spanish at home.
United States (New Jersey + Federation of American Scientists + NYU) A platform to get answers or make questions using the National Science Policy Network and the community of the Federation of American Scientists

Read OGP’s Message to the Community on Coronavirus here.

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