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Open Response + Open Recovery Digital Forum

Across the globe, countries are struggling to respond to the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19. From May – July 2020, OGP hosted the Open Response + Open Recovery Digital Forum, a series of events designed to facilitate conversations around government responses to the coronavirus pandemic and how to move towards open and effective recovery efforts.

Learn more about OGP’s Open Response + Open Recovery campaign here.


Digital Forum Opening Webinar

Watch the recording in English, Spanish, French or Korean.

Countries around the world are facing unprecedented challenges from COVID-19, and the need for openness, transparency, inclusion and accountability have rarely been greater. We know that those working in government are looking for ways to share information and connect with others in order to improve the global COVID-19 response. That’s why the Co-Chairs of the Open Government Partnership Steering Committee and Apolitical co-hosted a workshop on open government practices that respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and eventually move towards open and effective recovery efforts.


  • Helen Clark, former Prime Minister of New Zealand and UNDP Administrator
  • Sanjay Pradhan, Chief Executive Officer of OGP
  • Cesar Gazzo, Undersecretary of Open Government and Digital Nation at the Chief of Cabinet of Minister of Argentina
  • Robin Hodess, Governance Director at The B Team
  • Jae-Young Lee, Deputy Minister of the Interior and Safety, South Korea


Thematic Conversations

Throughout the week of May 5-8, top open government leaders highlighted best practices around government responses to COVID-19, focusing on practical recommendations to help in tackling the current pandemic around five key themes:

  • Strengthening Transparency and Accountability in Budgeting and Contracting
  • Open Service Delivery in Health – Communities and Governments Working Together
  • Keeping Information and Data out of Lockdown
  • Access to Justice and Open Government During a Pandemic
  • Open Government and Digital Governance in the Time of COVID19


Regional Conversations

To complement the thematic conversations, we hosted a series of region-specific conversations led by OGP Steering Committee members and other partners. Please find recordings and resources from each event below.

  • Open Response + Open Recovery: COVID-19 Open Government Innovations from Africa
    • Watch the recording and find resources discussed here.
  • What Next for Open Government in Eastern Partnership Countries?
    • Watch the recording and find resources discussed here.
  • Open Response + Open Recovery in Europe: What’s Next?
    • Watch the recording and find resources discussed here.
  • Open Response + Open Recovery: Inclusive Participation and Civic Space in Times of Crisis (Asia-Pacific)
    • Watch the recording and find resources discussed here.
  • Regional Dialogue for the Open Government Community in Latin America
    • This event has already occurred and was not recorded.
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