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Access to Justice


  1. Electronic Public Services

    AZ0054, 2020, Public Service Delivery

  2. Multilingual Call Operators for Police Services

    PE0097, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  3. Enable Digital Police Reports and Services

    PE0098, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  4. Strengthen the National Register of Lawyers Sanctioned for Poor Professional Practices

    PE0101, 2019, Justice

  5. Oversight Body for Social Services Claims

    DK0069, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  6. Expanding Community-Based Justice Services

    SL0022, 2019, Justice

  7. Advancing Gender Equality

    SL0027, 2019, Gender

  8. Increase Public Legal Knowledge

    MN0040, 2019, Justice

  9. Labor Inclusivity and Dispute Resolution

    PH0063, 2019, Gender

  10. Legal Needs Survey

    AR0083, 2019, Justice

  11. Public Information on Human Trafficking

    AR0084, 2019, Justice

  12. Federalization of the Micaela Law

    AR0091, 2019, Gender

  13. Access to Justice for Vulnerable People

    BF0020, 2019, Justice

  14. Escazu Implementation

    EC0004, 2019, Civic Space

  15. National Plan for Persons with Disabilities

    UY0127, 2018, Justice

  16. Access to Justice Development

    MK0136, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  17. Improving Access to Justice for Marginalized Groups of Citizens

    MK0137, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  18. Strengthening Commission for Domestic Violence

    MT0017, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  19. Improvements to Legal Aid

    ID0105, 2018, Civic Space

  20. Public Service Delivery

    SEK0008, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  21. Public Service Delivery

    MD0074, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  22. Courts to Address Violence Against Women

    AF0003, 2017, Gender

  23. Remotely Accessing Government Services

    IL0033, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  24. Citizen Monitoring for the Justice System

    LR0030, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  25. Strengthen Existing Systems on Trafficking to Improve Care for Victims

    PE0083, 2017, Justice

  26. Standardize Submission Requirements for Slov-Lex Portal

    SK0112, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  27. Territorializing Guidelines Sexual Violence Prevention in Women and Girls

    CO0057, 2017, Gender

  28. Vulnerable Persons Access to Legal Aid Funds

    BF0003, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  29. Access to Justice

    SL0020, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  30. Transparency and Innovation in the Judiciary

    BR0096, 2016, Justice

  31. Institutionalisation of Community Advice Offices as Part of the Wider Justice Network

    ZA0020, 2016, Justice

  32. Improve Access to Justice: Reducing Costs

    IE0033, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  33. Improve Access to Justice: Framework to Assist Vulnerable Persons

    IE0034, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  34. Improve Access to Justice: Oversight of Legal Practitioners

    IE0035, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  35. Harness the Data Revolution for Sustainable Development

    US0100, 2015, Justice

  36. Mediation and Justice

    FR0017, 2015, Justice

  37. Problem Solving Courts

    BG0041, 2014, Justice

  38. Digitalization of the Notary Register

    AL0020, 2012, Justice

  39. Online Citizens’ Claims in the Judiciary System

    AL0021, 2012, Justice

  40. The Public Procurement Electronic System (SEAP). the Electronic Allocation System for Transports (SAET)/B.1 C) Expanding the On-Line Submission of Fiscal Forms. Ensuring the Free On-Line Access to National Legislation. Developing Electronic Tools to Manage Subpoenas and Facilitate Access Toinformation Regarding Legal Proceedings. Developing Electronic Tools to Manage the Procedures Related to Obtaining the Romanian Citizenship. Developing Electronic Tools to Manage the Procedures Related to the Creation of Non-Profit Legal Persons. the Integrated System for Electronic Access to Justice (SIIAEJ)

    RO0018, 2012, Anti-Corruption

  41. Public Service Hall-Hub of Public Services

    GE0001, 2012, Public Service Delivery

  42. Citizens and Justice

    GE0007, 2012, Justice

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