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Automated Decision-Making


  1. Publish open data to spur innovation in public service delivery and development

    KE0026, 2020, Digital Governance

  2. Identify and encourage ethical uses of artificial intelligence within public sector

    ES0056, 2020, Digital Governance

  3. Develop and implement digital participation platform at local level

    NL0041, 2020, Digital Governance

  4. Increase availability of open source software

    NL0049, 2020, Digital Governance

  5. Improve government purchase and use of algorithms

    NL0050, 2020, Digital Governance

  6. Register for infrastructure contract information

    UA0099, 2020, Anti-Corruption

  7. Digital Charter

    UK0091, 2019, Digital Governance

  8. Open Data and AI Policy

    FI0033, 2019, Digital Governance

  9. Open Data from Internet of Things

    UY0136, 2018, Digital Governance

  10. Digital Government and Services

    CA0067, 2018, Digital Governance

  11. Open Algorithms

    NL0031, 2018, Digital Governance

  12. Review of Government Use of Algorithms

    NZ0019, 2018, Digital Governance

  13. Open Geo-Spatial Data for Development

    KE0020, 2018, Digital Governance

  14. State AI Lab

    FR0037, 2018, Digital Governance

  15. Open Calculation Models and Simulators

    FR0019, 2015, Digital Governance

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