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IRM Snapshot: Locally-Focused Commitments in the Eastern Partnership Region

There have been a total of 69 locally-focused OGP commitments in the Eastern Partnership (EaP) in national action plans and among the OGP Local members from the region. Tbilisi joined the OGP Local program in 2016, and several municipalities from…


Faces of Open Government: Local Reformers in the Eastern Partnership

In this interview, we talk with the government points of contacts for Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine; Ozurgeti, Georgia; and Vanadzor, Armenia to learn how their first OGP action plans are going.


OGP Local Brochure (2021)

Why Local? The OGP process provides a unique space to explore local solutions for global challenges. For example, many OGP Local members use their action plans to localize, advance and implement global efforts like the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Top Eight Lessons from the Past Six Years of OGP Local

The new report from the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) highlights the main results and key successes of 68 commitments implemented by 12 OGP Local members between 2018 and 2021 and offers a glimpse of the challenges and lessons learned.

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Georgian Municipalities on a Journey to Become More Open

Having served as a national researcher for Georgia from 2013 to 2019 for OGP’s Independent Reporting Mechanism, I have developed a particular interest in implementing the values of openness and accountability in local governments. From 2014-2015, Georgia implemented a series…