OGP Policy Area Fact Sheets

These fact sheets offer snapshots of global progress and member-level examples of open government work in each of the selected policy areas...

The State of Open Government in the U.S. – A Comparative Empirical Analysis of U.S. Performance under NAP3 Relative to U.S.-NAP2 and OECD Peers

by Jason I. McMann, PhD This paper uses the Open Government Partnership’s (OGP) assessment methodology and difference-in-means tests to conduct a comparative empirical analysis of U.S. performance under the federal government’s third National Action Plan (NAP3) relative to its own…

Star Reforms 2018

Star Reforms in the Open Government Partnership (Second Edition, 2018)

This guide showcases a selection of twelve commitments from action plans that the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) awarded “star” status in its latest cycle of reports.

Paraguay CitizENGAGE

Early Results of Open Government Partnership Initiatives (2018)

This publication series captures ‘early results’ of open government commitments. It can take a long time to see how open government policies materialize into concrete social, economic and political benefits for citizens, but we have learned that the journeys of reformers fighting to bring policies to fruition are critical to understanding the ultimate impact of policies.

Paraguay – Establishing Municipal Development Councils for Local Planning

A platform for citizens to influence local development Martín González, former mayor and current advisor to the Paraguayan municipality of Itaugua, is a passionate local activist and a highly respected member of his community. He dreams of a day when…