Four Takeaways from our Stakeholder Survey

A core tenet of the OGP model is that regular feedback leads to more effective policies. For this reason, over the past two years, we (the OGP Support Unit) have continued to survey our civil society partners to learn how the OGP process is working (see past results here). Below are four takeaways from the survey results, including how they relate to the new OGP strategy. 

Bringing Organized Interest Groups into Decision-Making

This note seeks to address a request from the Nordic+ group of OGP member countries to share guidance on improving governance with organized interests.


Faces of Open Government: Torunn Reksten

Meet Torunn Reksten, a plain language expert at the Language Council of Norway and Vice President of the Plain Language Association International. She has played a pivotal role in championing plain language as a powerful tool for enhancing government communication,…


Faces of Open Government: Kai Klandorf

Meet Kai, the Executive Director of the Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations (NENO). Kai was a prominent voice at the 2023 OGP Global Summit in September 2023 and in this month’s Faces of Open Gov, she shares her views on…


Three Pathways to More Meaningful Public Participation

To make public participation meaningful and inclusive, we need to synthesize knowledge, make it easier for reformers to connect with the right experts and use participation to solve big public problems.