Two Years of AskGov: From Civic Tech Tool to Community Impact

“You have a constitutional right to access public information.” I and many others have heard this statement many times. But how does this right actually work in fragile democracies? Let's delve into the case of Georgia, where in 2022, the…

Sarah Wesonga FOOG

Faces of Open Government: Sarah Wesonga

Meet Sarah Wesonga, Program Officer for Transparency and Access to Information at ARTICLE 19 Eastern Africa.


OGP Fact Sheets

Explore global progress and member-level examples of open government work in each of the selected policy areas and various regions.

Zombie portal

Six Questions to Protect Your Transparency Portal from “Zombie” Status

Have you ever searched an online government transparency portal only to find that the vital information you hoped to find is not there or that the portal itself has disappeared? If so, you’re not alone. Over the last decade, the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) has reviewed countless commitments that promise to deliver a transparency portal as the antidote to a wide range of governance challenges.

Voices of Open Gov – Podcast Banners for Web – Aruna

From Civil Servant to Global Advocate

In this episode, Aruna Roy tells us how she contributed to passing the Right to Information Act in India and why her fight isn't over.