Brazilian Open Government Summit 2019

Opening Debate: Challenges for Practicing Feminist Open Government in Brazil

When Brazilian civil society organizations, including Article 19 Brasil, started being part of regional and international conferences and conversations on open government, they felt that a Brazilian approach was necessary. These organizations needed a national space for sharing experiences and…

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Bringing New Voices into OGP Action Plans: Stories from the Field

In this new series, OGP Multi-Donor Trust Fund recipients share their challenges and successes in making OGP co-creation processes more collaborative and inclusive.

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Living with Tension and Learning from Different Perspectives – São Paulo, Brazil

In 2019, after following the city’s work on open government for a year, I began representing WRI Brasil (the Brazilian office of the World Resources Institute) in the Fórum de Gestão Compartilhada (Shared Management Forum) of the Municipality of São…


Five Frequently Asked Questions about Implementing Local Public Procurement Processes

Get the answers to the most popular questions that local governments and civil society ask when designing and implementing open contracting initiatives.

Los retos que emergen frente a un proceso electoral: ¿Qué nos enseña el caso de Sao Paulo, Brasil?

No son pocos los analistas y expertos que consideran a Brasil un hub de innovaciones democráticas: formales e informales, de planificación descendente (concebida desde el Estado) o ascendente (generadas por miembros del público o sociedad civil). Sao Paulo, la metrópoli…