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Eleven Civil Society Organizations Create the Forum on Information and Democracy

The Forum on Information and Democracy launched at the Paris Peace Forum to issue recommendations for standards in order to encourage the regulation and self-regulation  of the space of information and communication.


Launching an Evaluation of OGP

Oxford Policy Management will conduct an evaluation to address core questions around the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and impact of the OGP platform and strategies on reform processes in different contexts.

2019-2020 co-chairs

Argentina and The B Team’s Robin Hodess Take Helm of International Partnership on Open Government

Will work to build responsive, accountable and inclusive institutions that improve outcomes for citizens  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 1, 2019 Washington D.C. - The Government of Argentina and Robin Hodess from The B Team assumed their roles as Chairs of…

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Five Ways to Explore the Toolkit and Case Navigator for Open Government

Reformers inside and outside governments across the world face all sorts of different challenges. And no two challenges are the same. Yet, I am asked the same question during almost every OECD open government mission: Where can we find inspirational…

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An Open Regulation to Protect Our Democracies

How can we protect our democracies, our public spaces and our institutions in the digital era? How can we ensure that digital technologies have a positive impact on democracy? Which safeguards should we put in place to build citizen’s trust…