1. Economic Transparency Portal

    CO0023, 2012, E-Government

  2. Starred commitment Royalties and Transparency Initiative Extractive Industries: Eiti

    CO0025, 2012, Extractive Industries

  3. Support Transparency Law - National Institutions

    CO0028, 2015, Education

  4. Raising in Plain Language Use in Energy Sector of Social Inclusion and Modification of Protocols Citizen Services

    CO0029, 2015, Capacity Building

  5. Cycles Opening of Information in the Sectors of Education, Health, Environment, Justice and Social Inclusion

    CO0031, 2015, Education

  6. Map Investments

    CO0045, 2015, E-Government

  7. Better Land Management

    CO0047, 2015, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  8. Social Map

    CO0048, 2015, E-Government

  9. Environmental Public Expenditure Management

    CO0049, 2015, Audits and Controls

  10. Digital Citizens Talking About Public

    CO0065, 2017, E-Government

  11. Publication of the Actual Implementation of the Budgets of National Order in the Economic Transparency Portal (Tep) and Citizen Monitoring Scheme

    CO0066, 2017, E-Government

  12. Open Council Bogotá

    CO0078, 2017, Capacity Building

  13. Articulation of a Network of Actors Involved in Monitoring, Dissemination and Feedback from Recruitment Processes

    CO0080, 2017, E-Government