1. Starred commitment Publish Information on Public Finances

    HN0009, 2012, Fiscal Transparency

  2. Empowering Citizens with Budgetary Information

    HN0010, 2012, Fiscal Transparency

  3. Report on Public Expenditures and Financial Accountability (PEFA): Develop the Report

    HN0015, 2012, Fiscal Transparency

  4. Report on Public Expenditures and Financial Accountability (PEFA): Disseminate Report

    HN0016, 2012, Fiscal Transparency

  5. Implement GAN in Relation to Public Spending

    HN0021, 2012, Fiscal Transparency

  6. Accountability for Public Expenditure Management.

    HN0039, 2014, Fiscal Transparency

  7. Transparency in Municipalities

    HN0050, 2016, Fiscal Transparency

  8. Monitoring Public Spending.

    HN0051, 2016, Fiscal Transparency

  9. Electronic Catalogs and Public Purchase Platform

    HN0066, 2018, Audits and Controls

  10. Open Congressional Data

    HN0067, 2018, Asset Disclosure

  11. Citizens Management of Budget

    HN0069, 2018, E-Government