1. Publish List of Subsidy Beneficiaries

    MX0008, 2011, Education

  2. Publish Protection Resources

    MX0010, 2011, Defending Journalists and Activists

  3. Publish Budget Assigned to Federal Entities for Medical Purchases

    MX0011, 2011, Fiscal Transparency

  4. Evaluation of Human Rights Obligations

    MX0012, 2011, Civic Space

  5. Publish PEMEX Donation Data

    MX0014, 2011, Extractive Industries

  6. Publish PEMEX Contract Data

    MX0016, 2011, Extractive Industries

  7. Publish Governmental Advertising Expenditures

    MX0018, 2011, E-Government

  8. Improve Transparency of Public Servant Salary Budget

    MX0019, 2011, Fiscal Transparency

  9. Budget Formation Process

    MX0020, 2011, E-Government

  10. Budget Transparency

    MX0022, 2011, Fiscal Transparency

  11. Evolution of the Matrix of Results Indicators (MIR)

    MX0023, 2011, Fiscal Transparency

  12. Climate Change Finances and Expenditures

    MX0032, 2011, Environment and Climate

  13. Gasto abierto:

    MX0046, 2013, E-Government

  14. Adhesión de México a la Iniciativa de Transparencia de las Industrias Extractivas:

    MX0063, 2013, Extractive Industries