2022 Open Gov Week in Morocco

What’s in the 2021 National Action Plans

Explore findings from the 23 action plans submitted by OGP member countries during the 2021 submission period.


The Skeptic’s Guide to Open Government – 2022 Edition

Evidence continues to show that open government affects people’s lives. But there are still skeptics who are not aware of all the benefits associated with this approach. Use this guide to convince them to take an open government approach when implementing reforms.

Voices of Open Gov – Soizic

To Build Transparent Algorithms, Focus on the Why

In this episode of the Voices of Open Government podcast, learn what France has done to increase algorithmic transparency using citizen input while raising awareness about the use of algorithms.

Democracy Banner

Open Government Approaches in Summit for Democracy Commitments

Explore OGP's analysis of Summit For Democracy commitments, their relevance to open government values, their areas of focus, and how they compare to OGP commitments.

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Renewing Democracy – A Decade of OGP

In less than a month, two summits will take place on democracy. The first, the White House Summit for Democracy will deal with global threats including the rise of authoritarianism and feature the voices of...