How Legislative Footprints and Lobby Registers Can Rebuild Trust

As global distrust in democracies grows, we believe intransparent legislative structures are a big factor. When lobbyists influence laws, it can create feelings of injustice and distrust within a society. Yet, lobbying, or the articulation of and advocacy for various interests, is essential for democracies. So, what does a fair and transparent lobbying system that enhances trust for political procedures look like?


Extractive Industries, Transparency and Procurement – Increasing Alignment

The movement for greater transparency in extractive industry governance and government procurement continues to march along at an inspiring pace.

The Costs of Secrecy: Economic Arguments for Transparency in Public Procurement

by Michael Karanicolas   This report examines data from three selected procurement systems to demonstrate the practical benefits of openness in public contracting, and specifically to demonstrate that the adoption of open contracting leads to more competitive procurement processes, and ultimately…

Open government – Open for business?

by Dieter Zinnbauer Many activities related to opening government have a demonstrated, empirical potential to create business value, foster broader economic opportunities, and promote a business climate for growth and dynamism. What’s more, opening government plays a highly relevant, if not…

Progress In Partnerships: The B Team & OGP Team Up to Fight Corruption

Originally appeared on the B-Team website. Recognising that cross-sector collaboration is key to realising commitments and measuring progress, The B Team and Open Government Partnership today unveiled a new partnership to support private sector efforts for increased transparency in business and governments worldwide. The…