Old ruins of castle in Ohrid, Macedonia

Lessons from Reformers: Seven OGP countries addressing assembly

This case study was originally posted in the OGP Global Report. The European Center for Not-for-profit Law (ECNL), in an innovative project on freedom of assembly, assessed seven OGP countries in Central and Eastern Europe for relevant law and practices between…

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Lessons from Reformers: Ireland

Whistleblowers serve a critical social function by flagging neglect or abuses in the public and private sector. Having the right to speak out about alleged abuses–such as corruption or harassment–is essential for a safe environment and culture for everyone...


10 Tips to Make the Most of an OGP Summit

The Sixth OGP Global Summit kicks-off this week in Ottawa, hosted by the Government of Canada. Over 2,000 open government champions will be attending, from across the 79 OGP countries and beyond. In addition to the main programme which begins…

The OGP’s New Report is a Valuable Tool for Advocates

The OGP’s growth has been so rapid that it’s easy to forget that it launched only eight years ago. What started as a membership of eight countries in 2011 has blossomed into 79 countries and a number of local governments…


Do We Trust Democracy? A Future Agenda for Europe

The European election of 2019 is said to be a watershed moment that will ask voters to choose between more or less Europe, between inclusion and diversity or exclusion and nationalism, and between societies that are more open or more closed.