How Can Local Governments Accelerate the Implementation of SDGs?

OGP Local, UNDP, and UCLG have united to bolster local government efforts, showcasing innovative open government strategies and effective communication of SDG local action.

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Reform Space to Watch: Strengthening Anti-Corruption Measures in the United Kingdom

As the UK shapes its sixth OGP action plan, a spotlight remains on key areas like beneficial ownership and lobbying transparency for heightened reform.


2024 Civil Society Steering Committee Selection

The OGP Steering Committee is looking to fill four Civil Society Steering Committee seats starting on October 1, 2024.


Reform Space to Watch: High-Value Data in Kenya

As the new OGP government co-chair where will the Kenyan government display innovation in reforms and civil society issues? Read more to see where Kenya could lead international initiatives in anti-corruption, democratic reform, and climate change.


Four Takeaways from our Stakeholder Survey

A core tenet of the OGP model is that regular feedback leads to more effective policies. For this reason, over the past two years, we (the OGP Support Unit) have continued to survey our civil society partners to learn how the OGP process is working (see past results here). Below are four takeaways from the survey results, including how they relate to the new OGP strategy.