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Lessons from Reformers: Transparency and Accountability in Prisons

Read how OGP members are improving transparency and public oversight of their penitentiary systems

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Lessons from Reformers: Court Modernization

Learn how OGP members are maximizing the transparency and accountability of the court system.

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GLOW: Open Parliaments Prove Their Strength In An Unprecedented Year

From the COVID-19 pandemic to the heightening climate crisis to an increase in authoritarian overreach, 2020 has sorely tested the strength of democracies globally. Even while the world continues to reel from the effects of these multiple threats, at least…

Bogota, Colombia (OGP Local)

56 Local Jurisdictions Join Global Partnership to Promote Open Government

OGP welcomes 56 new local jurisdictions composed of 64 local governments and civil society organizations to join OGP Local at a critical time for open government.

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Don’t Let Cash Slip Away: Strengthening Government Oversight of Stimulus Spending Through Robust Institutions with Broad Mandates

Explore how oversight bodies with strong legal and actual institutional strength and a broad mandate can contribute to effective stimulus oversight during the pandemic. This is the second blog in a limited series on strengthening government oversight of stimulus spending.