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Sarah Speaks Up for Better Schools

Sarah shares her story of auditing public schools in Metro Manila to fight for a better education environment for her kids and her community.


2021 OGP Impact Awards: Philippines – Citizen Participatory Audit

The Citizen Participatory Audit goes beyond simple auditing by working closely with civil society on a range of policy decisions to improve people’s lives. It uses a constructive engagement approach between citizens and government to validate the government’s use of…

Serikat Perjuangan Rakyat Indonesia

New Frontiers in Open Government: Forging New Alliances for Accountability

Fiscal openness is a mainstay of the open government movement. In the last decade of the Open Government Partnership (OGP), over 90 percent of OGP members have made a total of 671 fiscal openness commitments...


Taking Accountability Seriously in Times of Crisis  

This article was originally published on the International Budget Partnership’s website. Read the original blog here. This pandemic is far from over, but in order to keep moving toward recovery and renewal, we need to assess how countries are faring with relief spending-- are they being…

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Increasing Accountability for Generation Equality Commitments through OGP

This week at the Generation Equality Forum in Paris, governments and partners across sectors will come together to make concrete commitments to move the needle on gender equity and inclusion. The ...