1. Improving Budget Planning and Reporting Systems Through Full Utilization of Program Budgeting

    AM0004, 2012, Anti Corruption and Integrity

  2. Promoting Transparency and Objectiveness in Tax Administration

    AM0005, 2012, Anti Corruption and Integrity

  3. Standardization of Offical Websites Content

    AM0014, 2012, Access to Information

  4. State Travel Transparency

    AM0027, 2016, Fiscal Openness

  5. Accountability for Grants of the Government

    AM0028, 2016, Anti Corruption and Integrity

  6. Transparency of the State Budget

    AM0029, 2016, Access to Information

  7. Government Grant Transparency

    AM0036, 2018, Anti Corruption and Integrity

  8. Modernization of Community Website

    AM0038, 2018, Fiscal Openness

  9. Participatory Mechanisms in the Budgeting Process

    AM0049, 2022, Democratizing Decision-Making