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Standardization of Offical Websites Content (AM0014)



Action Plan: Armenia Action Plan 2011-2012

Action Plan Cycle: 2012

Status: Inactive


Lead Institution: Ministry of Transport and Communication

Support Institution(s): NA

Policy Areas

Access to Information, E-Government, Fiscal Openness, Publication of Budget/Fiscal Information, Right to Information

IRM Review

IRM Report: Armenia IRM Progress Report 2012-2013

Starred: No

Early Results: No IRM Data

Design i

Verifiable: Yes

Relevant to OGP Values: Access to Information , Public Accountability , Technology

Potential Impact:

Implementation i



Standardization of Official websites’ content: The standardization process will be designed to ensure a unified structure for government websites (including budget related information in data formats that will support public expenditure analysis), the publication of essential information on government websites, and the successful usability of the sites for all target audiences. The standards will also ensure regular publication of information prescribed by the “Law on Freedom of Information”, such as budgets, budget implementation reports, vacancies, contact information of officials, etc.


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