1. Starred commitment Improving the Practice of Consulting the Interested Public in Procedures of Adopting New Laws: Amend Procedural Rules

    HR0009, 2012, Democratizing Decision-Making

  2. Starred commitment Improving the Consultation Process with the Interested Public in Legislative Procedures

    HR0020, 2014, Capacity Building

  3. Regulation of Lobbying

    HR0023, 2014, Anti Corruption and Integrity

  4. Central State Portal

    HR0036, 2018, Democratizing Decision-Making

  5. Public Consultations

    HR0037, 2018, Capacity Building

  6. Improvement of Public Consultations

    HR0054, 2022, Capacity Building

  7. Encouraging Local Open Government Initiatives

    HR0055, 2022, Access to Information