Traditional Ndebele hut at Botshabelo near Mpumalanga, South Africa

The Case for Accountability in Education

Lessons from Reformers: Education systems work better when the public has access to information, the opportunity to participate in decision-making, and the ability to seek answers from governments.

Grasping Opportunities in Kenya: Using OGP to Improve the Operating Environment of CSOs

In early December 2018, the government of Kenya submitted its third national action plan (NAP 3) covering the years 2018-2020 to the Open Government Partnership (OGP) highlighting the priority areas it seeks to improve and ensure better transparency, accountability, and…


WhatsApp What You Need

Local officials in rural Kenya establish a WhatsApp-based channel to directly communicate with citizens.

Crop businessman signing papers

Stopping Anonymous Ownership of Companies

In a country where secrecy is ubiquitous, new legislation puts business ownership details in the public eye.

Truly open government means handing over power – 1.8 billion young people are ready to take it

Truly open, accountable governance cannot be advanced from the top down. Nor can it come about without the leadership of half the world’s population - young people. That’s why I’m excited to see a strong focus on youth in the…